Jennifer Aniston does not need your pity. Or want it, for that matter. Her marriage to Brad Pitt ended over a decade ago and, as Brangelina battle, her name should play no part in the ensuing bloodbath.

Because let’s face it: how many times have Pitt and her current husband, Justin Theroux, been pitted head-to-head? Is the internet ablaze with gifs of a threatened Theroux, cowering at the thought of a newly-single past flame? Of course not.

Because he stands on his own two feet. From starring roles in cult classics (Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion) to arthouse (Mulholland Drive) and Hollywood blockbusters (Iron Man 2), Theroux is more than just Mr Aniston.

Even if both men were to hit the ring, Jen’s man is a knockout in many ways. Which includes the style stakes. And, with the release of The Girl On The Train, his odds are set to rise.

White Fit

Light denim is often considered a difficult wear. But it doesn’t have to be. Theroux teams a pale bottom half with black contrast pieces, with a glint of gold on his wrist to elevate an otherwise basic look.

Just avoid red wine at all costs.

It’s Not Over Yet

The overcoat: the easiest way to make any look pop. Alone, Theroux’s jeans-and-tee combo is solid, but forgettable. The addition of a mid-length overcoat however, adds an element of structure – the versatile midpoint between off-duty and fully suited.

Bonus points for taking the overplayed band tee trend and twisting it rep two icons of late-1980s hip-hop instead.

Military Precision

Before bomber jackets invaded streets, they belonged to pilots above them. But Top Gun pastiche this is not.

Theroux doubles down on the military aesthetic with aviators and black boots, all tied together with a muted colour palette.

Shear Look

And the skyward style doesn’t end there. Theroux takes this season’s biggest trend – the shearling jacket – and twists it with a statement shape; the aviation template is there, but a textured fabric and moto-style, off-centre fastening ensure his spin stands out.

Trailer Dash

Before the Golden Arches conquered the world, the cowboy conquered the west. And his style was more stripped back than supersized.

In Theroux’s case, all it takes is a denim jacket layered over a staple flannel shirt – two Midwestern pieces that work better than a fries and milkshake.

Magic Carpet

Unlike off-duty looks, the red carpet has a stricter rulebook and Theroux knows how to work around it.

By replacing the standard tie with a collar pin, his look turns memorable but still toes the black tie line. Proof the smallest changes can provide the biggest impact.

Down To A Tee

T-shirts are an affordable way to rock a designer label. But it needn’t be all modern branding.

Theroux’s Gucci tee nods towards the 1990s archives, and he grounds an eye-catching print with neutral surrounds. You can’t beat a good vintage.