Never skimp on your bathroom. You can gild doorknobs, hang antique chandeliers in the hall and turn your living room into a five-star hotel suite but leave your bathroom scuzzy, and it’s all for naught.

These are the things you need to make your bathroom better.

Christy’s Supreme Hygro Towels

Every guest, or at least every guest you’d want to have round, will wash their hands after using your bathroom. Which means – unless you’re weird and have a hand dryer installed in your home – they’ll need a towel to dry their hands.

Don’t make them hate you for having a sad, skimpy one that leaves them wetter than they were before. Buy these 100 per cent supima cotton towels from Christy’s instead.

Available at John Lewis, priced £10 for a hand towel.

Nebia Shower Head

You know those showers that just don’t cut it? The ones that seep a measly trickle of lukewarm water that forces you to twirl, bend and gyrate humiliatingly to get proper water-body coverage?

This shower head is making them a thing of the past. Launching later this year, the Nebia shower head uses trademarked H2MICRO technology to atomise water into millions of droplets to create 10 times more surface area than your average shower. Plus, it saves up to 70 per cent more water.

Available at Nebia, priced approximately £286.

Arena Bamboo Shower Mat By Wireworks

Let’s face it: fabric bath mats are filthy. Sure, stepping out of the shower onto a plush piece of cotton makes your feet feel good, but it’s also gross if you think about the legions of bacteria and mould thriving in it.

Spend less time doing laundry by swapping your ordinary (filthy) bath mat for this bamboo version from London design firm Wireworks. It’s made from sustainably sourced wood – so your conscience can stay clean too.

Available at Heal’s, priced £65.

Panasonic SC-ALL05 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A regular Gene Kelly in the shower? Now you can literally sing in the rain with Panasonic’s waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Its quality sound output helps drown out your warbling (something your flatmates will thank you for), and its multi-room function means you can stream the same Spotify playlist or radio station throughout your home. (It’s also cheaper than singing lessons.)

Available at John Lewis, priced £199.95.

Ideal Standard Anti-Steam Mirror

Do your facial hair a favour: invest in a mirror that won’t fog up.

Ideal Standard’s refreshingly minimal model comes fitted with an anti-steam system, which means you won’t spend half your time wiping the mirror in front of you while shaving. Good news for your beard, then.

Available at Homebase, priced £119.

Habitat Bathroom Accessories Set

Bathroom looking a bit like a Boots aisle? Instantly elevate the look of your lavatory with this collection of white ceramic accessories including bathroom beaker, soap dispenser, soap dish and toilet brush.

Available at Habitat, priced £25.

Malin + Goetz Neroli Scented Candle

If nothing else, make your loo smell good.

This candle, from family-run New York apothecary Malin + Goetz, comes packed full of the odour-neutralising properties of lemon, orange blossom and Neroli. Light it up before a dinner party and ensure yours doesn’t turn into a game of whodunnit.

Available at Liberty, priced £37 for a 260g candle.