If you were asked to name Scotland’s greatest contribution to menswear, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Jumpers? Brogues? Kilts…?

Whatever it is, it’s probably not Oxford shirts. Despite its name, the Oxford shirt’s origins can be traced back to 19th century Scotland, where factories experimented with weaves to create four new styles, each named after one of the four best-known universities at the time: Yale, Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford.

If you don’t recognise the others as shirts, you’re not alone – only the Oxford has proved popular enough to not be cut from production. Known for its basket-weave pattern, the Oxford is woven from two different strands of yarn (which gives it that distinctive marled appearance) and often, but not always, features a button-down collar.

It’s changed a little since it was first introduced – your average Oxford no longer comes with a detachable collar and cuffs – but not that much considering we’ve been wearing them for well over a hundred years.

The secret to the Oxford’s longevity is its versatility. Here are the best ways to wear one: some obvious; some unexpected.