Of all the rooms in a man’s home, one sees more action than any other. It’s a room where things get steamy, where we often measure ourselves against other men, and what goes on within its four walls can make or break a relationship.

Perhaps it’s little surprise, then, that the kitchen (what did you think we were talking about?) should be a hub of all things functional and sleek. By embracing professional-grade appliances, utilitarian essentials and playful gadgets, you never have to worry about mealtime style being put on the back burner again.

1. Falcon 1092 Deluxe CT Range

It doesn’t need to be big but it needs to perform. In the case of an oven it pays to tick both boxes.

To up your culinary game, opt for a professional-grade model with enough burners to keep multiple plates spinning so you can concentrate on perfecting your porterhouse.

Available at Appliances Direct, priced £3,599.

2. ROK Espresso Maker

Few can plot the day ahead – or recover from the night before – without a killer coffee. So invest in kit that can turn out espressos, the basis of all bean-based elixirs, with ease.

It also helps to look incredibly stylish if it’s to be the centrepiece of Sunday mornings.

Available at Amazon, priced £110.

3. Click & Grow Herb Garden

Living off the land is a manly ideal. Though, unless you plan to swap city pad for countryside, the land part can be hard to come by. That’s where a herb garden comes in.

Click & Grow is essentially an indoor garden. Its ‘Smartpots’ use NASA-inspired technology to balance oxygen, water and nutritional ingredients to help get all hunter-gatherer on anything from wild strawberries to chilli peppers.

Available at Amazon, priced £45.

4. Harto Gustave Bar Stool

Once you’ve learnt to how to plate up perfectly charred, yet tender pieces of meat, you want to give your guests a ringside seat.

Fusing warm oak and raw metal, this nifty stool – all swooping curves and geometric lines – is designed by French company Harto, and is a great accent piece. Simple enough to marry well with any colour scheme, but punchy enough to stand alone.

Available at Future & Found, priced £175.

5. Kreis Design’s Plywood Egg Cup

Sure, there’s probably an old egg cup at the back of the cupboard that you’ve had since you were a little soldier yourself. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to create a real wow at breakfast, grab a couple of sleek wooden versions and display proudly on open shelves.

Available at Minor Goods, priced £9 each.

6. Eden Susumi SG2 Knife Block

You don’t need to be Patrick Bateman to know that a dull knife just won’t cut the mustard (or anything for that matter). Three or four high-quality blades is all you need wield to slice, dice, fillet and shuck your way to a good meal.

Look for models made by Japanese knife nerds and approved by professional chefs. They should also be housed on a block that looks equally as sharp.

Available at Knives and Tools, priced £350.95.

7. Hay Kaleido Tray

Real men keep guests stocked up on snacks (and they never call them ‘nibbles’). Lay yours out in stylish serving trays like these vibrant modular trays by Danish design masters, Hay.

Available at Future & Found, priced £17.

8. Smeg Stainless Steel Fridge-Freezer

Childish giggles aside, Smeg is the king of fridges. Synonymous with well-designed kitchens the world over, the iconic Italian name is known for its retro-inspired look and flawless engineering.

However, the brand’s ultra-modern new model is a far cry from the traditional fifties look. Boasting a stainless steel finish, and premium features such as a digital display and automatic ice and chilled water dispenser, it’s well worth the hefty price tag.

Available at Currys, priced £1,529.

9. Eva Solo White Line Ceramic Saucepan

Pans are the workhorses of the kitchen so arm yourself with a solid set that can take a knocking. Like knives, three or four – sauce, frying and sauté – should be enough for every culinary eventuality.

Favour models that are dishwasher-safe (because no one likes that bit) and fitted with robust handles that can withstand oven temperatures.

Available at Eva Solo, priced £67.