Your bedroom probably doesn’t get as many visitors as the rest of your house. Even if your love life is modelled on Mick Jagger, overnight guests probably stop off in the living room first.

But there’s one person who has to see it everyday. And since you spend a third of your life asleep, you should probably do it somewhere that doesn’t look like a student dorm.

It’s time to embrace the kind of natural woods, monochrome textiles and life-enhancing gadgets that create the warmth, ease and quietude every bedroom needs.

1. John Lewis Cable Knit Cashmere Throw

A cashmere blanket doesn’t just look luxurious; those extremely soft fibres are a dream against your skin, should you wake with an early-hours chill.

John Lewis’ light grey, woven number is the ultimate in stay-in-bed-all-day chic; neutral enough to pair with most furniture and statement enough to justify the outlay.

Available at John Lewis, priced £250.

2. Anthony Burrill Everyday Beautiful Print

Anthony Burrill’s typographical prints are killer accent pieces for any bedroom, and we love this black and yellow number in particular.

Strong, sunny and the ideal way to ensure you always get out the right side of your bed.

Available at Anthony Burrill, priced £50.

3. Zeitraum Simple Hi Bed

A good bed is hard to find. By that we mean a piece that perfectly balances design, comfort and price.

Zeitraum’s Simple Hi Bed hits all the marks, with its fuss-free lines, rich oak construction and a cantilevered design that makes it look like it’s floating. Think of it as the grown-up version of that spaceship bed you always wanted.

Available at Nest, priced £2,492.

4. Ikea RIGGAD LED Wireless Charging Lamp

For better shut-eye, you should leave your phone in another room when you turn in. In the real world, you need it juiced up to check Facebook and Instagram the second you wake.

Ikea’s innovative RIGGAD lamp is a slick, Scandinavian piece of design that wirelessly charges your smartphone while you’re sleeping. Like.

Available at IKEA, priced £50.

5. Sebastian Cox Oak And Hazel Side Table

Knock-off furniture companies like Voga mean many people default to mid-century replicas. But if the brand’s five-month waiting times and Byzantine customer service don’t dissuade you, then modern British designers like Sebastian Cox should.

Also a carpenter, Cox handcrafts his pieces from domestic timbers, which means they’re completely unique. This perfectly balanced side table combines oak and hazel, its rough-hewn legs supporting the sharp clean lines of the single drawer. Utilitarianism at its most handsome.

Available at Sebastian Cox, priced £695.

6. Drift Light

A good night’s sleep is the key to modern sanity, so ditch your one-tone bulb for a Drift Light self-dimmer. It operates as a normal bulb until the switch is flipped twice, then slowly fades to darkness over 40 minutes to lull you into slumber.

Unlike fluorescent lights, its warm tone doesn’t inhibit the sleep hormone melatonin. So no more staring at the ceiling because your body thinks it’s still daytime.

Available at Amazon, priced £20.95.

7. Sense

This tennis-ball sized gadget might look like a forgotten Star Wars droid, but it will fast become your most prized bedroom possession.

Place the sphere on your bedside table, clip the small attachment to your pillow, and it tracks your sleep patterns to identify the best time in your cycle to gently wake you up with ambient sounds. So you rise rested and relaxed – not wishing you could smash your alarm with a hammer.

Available at Hello, priced £149.

8. Tom Raffield Arbor Chair

This ergonomically designed, steam-bent English oak chair, with its enveloping upholstery, is the dream bedroom seat.

With sweeping clean lines crafted from natural materials – which you can pick the colour of to make sure it matches the rest of your decor – it’s big and comfortable enough to flop into at the end of the day. Although be warned you might not even make it to the bed.

Available at Tom Raffield, priced £1,250.

9. Jacqueline Maldonado For DENY Duvet Cover

Sterile white duvets are fine for hotels, but when it comes to your bedroom, it’s all about statement bedding.

This bold, monochromatic design by American art collective DENY is simple enough to ensure a tranquil night’s sleep, but eye-catching enough to be the centrepiece to your bedroom.

Available at Urban Outfitters, priced $129-169, depending on size.