Ever wondered how the fairer sex looks so fresh the morning after the night before, or on touching down from a long haul flight?

The secret is make-up. And while the idea of men concealing their imperfections might once have been taboo, face-saving face-painting is now a perfectly legitimate part of any man’s grooming routine.

There will always be times when you’re faced with dark circles, blemishes or razor nicks. And while there’s no solid cure, concealing products can help mitigate them. We’re not saying you need to commit to an hour-long beauty regime, but if you have imperfections you want to hide, we’ve got the know-how.

Problem: Dark Circles

A purple hue beneath your eyes is the giveaway sign that you’re sleep-deprived, put away one too many, or both. So try a spot of colour correction to take your countenance from revenant to refreshed – if not for yourself, then for those who have to look at you.

Start by dabbing an eye gel that’s been stored in the fridge under your eyes. This will reduce puffiness before you start applying concealer.

Next, cover up with a light concealer – ‘light’ being one shade lighter than your skin tone. Gently pat the concealer into the corners of your eyes near the nose, as well as under the eyes, blending out towards your cheeks.

Our Pick: Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick

Originally created to make actors’ skin camera-ready, this is now a popular all-round concealer which boasts a grapeseed oil-based formula and SPF 8 protection.

Don’t forget that, with stick concealers like this one, a little bit goes a long way – so use sparingly.

Available at Mankind, priced £18.

Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick

Problem: Blemishes

Unlike dark circles, blemishes are best covered up with a concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone.

To lessen the redness, start by concealing the bottom of the blemish and working your way up. Take the time to ensure the concealer is blended well across the blemish so it’s not a dead giveaway.

Our Pick: Recipe For Men Anti-Blemish Coverstick

This anti-blemish concealer covers up imperfections while simultaneously working to reduce them. It contains salicylic acid to prevent clogging of pores and Bisabolol to lessen skin irritations.

Available at The Grooming Clinic, priced £18.

Recipe for men Anti blemish coverstick

Problem: Razor Burn

Take the same approach to hiding razor burns as you would blemishes, though be careful not to over-apply as too-liberal use of concealer can quickly lead to a cakey texture that’s just as eye-catching as what you’re trying to cover up.

Our Pick: Tom Ford Concealer For Men

This Tom Ford concealer has a creamy texture, which, when warmed with your fingers, blends smoothly and offers buildable coverage, making it ideal for blemishes and razor burn.

Bonus points include Vitamin E to protect and repair skin, along with caffeine to reduce inflammation.

Available at House Of Fraser, priced £32.

Tom Ford Concealer For Men

Problem: All-Over Coverage

Sometimes it’s a full refresh, rather than a fine-point touch-up, that your face needs. So swap concealer for something better suited to a blanket approach.

Tinted moisturisers are quite sheer and subtle, making them ideal for all-over coverage that’s inconspicuous.

Our Pick: Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser 50ml SPF35

This tinted moisturiser aims to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores, as well as offering both UVA and UVB protection.

What’s more, it’s fragrance-free, boasts a range of antioxidants and has a creamy texture the helps improve the appearance of dry skin.

Available at Mankind, priced £36.

Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser 50ml SPF3