When Antonio Banderas announced he was going back to university in 2015 at the age of 55, so many questions went through our heads. Will he make friends? Will he hit up the student bar for £1 pints? And, of course, what will be the result?

We’re not quite sure on the first two but the third has just been revealed by way of a collaboration with Scandinavian clothing company Selected Homme.

Clearly the award-winning actor has been hitting the books hard at Central Saint Martin’s, because the line-up is a superbly stylish selection of classic menswear pieces from staples like polo-shirts to sturdy wool overcoats and sharp tailoring.

Speaking about the debut range, Puss in Boots, sorry, Banderas said: “It’s no secret that I live part of my life on the red carpet, so I am automatically tempted by great tailoring. But for many men that same need to feel handsome in a suit is evident when throwing on a simple T-shirts and jeans – myself included. We’ve taken that approach and applied it to all part of life, attempting to capture that cocktail moment in everything from jeans to leather jackets to, of course, impeccably tailored suits.”

The Antonio Banderas Design collection is available at Selected Homme; prices start from around £17 for a t-shirt to £340 for a leather jacket.