I’ve just bought a pair of chestnut brown brogues from Church’s, which I’m delighted with. The only problem is that most of my belts are black. Can I wear my black belts with these shoes?

Tom via contact form

Firstly, congratulations on making an excellent purchase. Secondly – and to answer your question – no, I’m afraid not. While the colour of your belt and shoes need not match exactly, they shouldn’t contrast.

Colours like black and brown are too different to mesh well. Black should be matched with black, and brown should be matched with a similar shade of brown. For example, chestnut brown shoes work well with a chocolate brown belt, but a pair of tan shoes won’t sit seamlessly with a dark brown belt.

They don’t need to match exactly – in fact, matching something like a blue suede belt with blue suede shoes just makes you look like you’re trying too hard – but they should be in the same ballpark.

In short, you’re probably going to have to buy some new belts (try Anderson’s, Paul Smith, M&S or Reiss).

Cillian O’Connor, Features Editor