There’s no more FOMO with Levi’s 2016 campaign, ‘We Are 501’. The third ‘Live in Levi’s Project’, ‘We Are 501’ invites everyone to join the Levi’s family and show off their personal style.

At the centre of this year’s project are artists from all across the globe. Caroline de Maigret (French music producer, writer, model), Classixx (American DJ duo) and Yi Zhou (Chinese multimedia artist) are just some of the influencers showing the broad range of individuals whose styles wouldn’t be complete without their Levi’s.

But ‘We Are 501’ is about getting everyone involved. Levi’s wants everyone to share pics using the hashtags #501 and #LiveInLevis to show off the way they rock their jeans. And they’re not only looking for Instagram ‘models’.

“The people who wear Levi’s have always been the inspiration for our brand,” says Jennifer Sey, chief marketing officer for the Levi’s brand. “This innovation is a way for us to open up our legacy and invite participation from all over the world by allowing users to shop for iconic Levi’s products highlighted in the film.”

“Nearly everyone in the modern world owns, or has owned, a pair of Levi’s jeans,” said Simon Jefferson, managing director at AKQA. “The global ubiquity of the brand and the diversity of people’s style is what we wanted to celebrate. It’s something no other brand can claim.”

So start snapping away. Maybe next year’s project will be all about you.

The Live in Levi’s Project can be experienced at