A few things have changed since the beginning of this year. The UK voted to leave the EU. There’s a new Prime Minister. Textured men’s haircuts became more popular than clippered skin fades.

Some of these developments are more important than others. Brexit might crash the economy in the long-term, but you need to update your look now. Divert your attention from the coiffed buffoon in the foreign office and steer it towards four men who always lead us into steady waters.

And remember, if you get the look right, you can always emigrate to Hollywood.

Liam Hemsworth’s Choppy Top

Australia’s Hollywood invasion continues apace. The youngest Hemsworth, Liam, has fought his way through the Hunger Games and onto the arm of Miley Cyrus, a position which seems more exhausting than any battle royale. Off-screen he embodies Aussie cool, with the kind of cut that looks best after a day on the beach.

To get Hemsworth’s look, Tom Bell, head barber at London’s Man Made, suggests you ask for “plenty of texture and a natural finish, which is softer on the neck line.”

Scissors all over means more of that ‘no worries’ texture. Salt spray is your beach in a bottle – spray into damp hair then blow-dry upwards to give the quiff volume. Then work a matte product, like a clay, through the roots and across the top section.

In keeping with Hemsworth’s just-finished-surfing vibe, this cut is quite casual, so be wary if your normal suit isn’t the wet kind. Ditto if genetics have been unkind. “This may not work as well for someone with thinner, flatter hair,” says Bell. Sorry, mate.

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Nick Jonas’ Buzz Cut

The buzz cut has become the go-to for ex-boybanders eager to shed their squeaky clean image. First Zayn clippered his locks, now Nick Jonas has jumped on the bad boy thing that comes with going back to your roots.

Jonas has gone for a one grade all over, but if that’s a touch severe, try a grade two on top, says Bell: “Then take the sides shorter with a fade stating at one – or even shorter – gradually blending up.”

As well as your image, the buzz saves you time; you’re up and out the door without even a glance at the wax on your dresser. But as it grows out, apply a styling cream to take away any fluffiness, says Bell. That’s on top of your sunscreen and moisturiser, if you opted for a low grade – your scalp is as sensitive to sun as your fans are to any change in image.

But before you take the plunge, you’ve got to assess whether this is going to be the right look for you. “If you have a head that has more lumps and bumps than the hills of Yorkshire, I’d recommend avoiding this cut,” says Bell. It also helps if you’ve got a rock star bone structure.

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Adam Driver’s Layered Locks

For his turn as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Adam Driver’s shoulder-length hair was too on-point to hide beneath a mask.

It was particularly of the moment; in keeping with menswear’s general loosening up, this season’s runways swapped severe crops for something a touch more hippy. But if fashion’s take is all about relaxation, Driver proves you can still keep control.

“It shows volume and well balanced layers,” says Jason Fellows, head of education at Ruffians barbers. That demands a hairdresser who knows their way around long hair – if in doubt, go to a shop that specialises in the fairer sex. “Many barbers will only be confident with clippers,” says Fellows.

Besides a tidy every four-to-five weeks, long locks need TLC. With long hair, oil struggles to reach from root to tip, so you should use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, which coat the shaft to lock in moisture.

Heavy products will weigh long hair down; salt spray gives it a lift. Spray into damp hair then leave to dry. “Alternatively, scrunch a water-based pomade into your hair, to add a bit of gloss and hold,” says Fellows. The force is long with this one.

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David Beckham’s Soft Pomp And Parting

Any time you’re stuck for hair-spiration, see what Mr Beckham’s up to. This summer he’s ditched the statement style, in favour of something a touch more enduring.

“He’s shaved his beard and gone for a softer, less preened hairstyle,” says Fellows. “Maybe he’s smartening himself up to be a classic style icon, rather than a youthful trendsetter.” A look we could all do with mastering.

For Becks’ soft pompadour, apply paste to damp hair and rake it through with your fingers. “It’s a great look for someone with well-proportioned features, as it not only adds height, but also shows off the hairline, framing the face nicely.”

By taking your stubble short – around 2mm with the clippers – you accentuate your bone structure. Which makes this a cut ideal for those with high cheekbones and square jaws; less so if you’ve got a face like Wayne Rooney.

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