The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Baz Luhrmann

Where: Ghost Team Premiere, NYC

It seems Baz Luhrmann has come on more than a foxtrot from his Strictly Ballroom days. Here, the Academy Award-nominated director shows us how to nail the printed Cuban collar by pairing his with contrast neutral chinos and simple white kicks. Complete with a pair of reflective round aviators, Luhrmann looks fresh from a Capulet-Montague standoff on Verona Beach. Bang on.

Baz Luhrmann

Who: Lee Daniels

Where: FOX Summer TCA Press Tour, LA

All-black ensembles are easy, impactful and classic – as filmmaker Lee Daniels proves here. Granted, tailored joggers aren’t the most traditional red carpet choice, but the Monster’s Ball director takes the look upscale with a knit T-shirt, polished steel sports watch and luxe sneakers. It’s murdered-out on the money.

Lee Daniels

Who: Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto

Where: Star Trek Beyond Fan Screening, Seoul

Proving their style credentials are far superior to those of the Star Trek department, leading men Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto remind us that tailoring doesn’t have to skew snoozeworthy. While the former nails it in Gatsby-esque statement neutrals, Quinto opts for a dark, textured two-piece and a pair of contrast toe-caps. #BFF.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

Who: Chris Pine

Where: Star Trek Beyond Photocall, Seoul

As if acing the above look weren’t enough, Chris Pine’s photocall ensemble made a stylish stop on Deep Space Fine. By opting for a trouser in a colour that riffs on the print of his Cuban collar shirt, the Star Trek frontman cleverly ties his look together without trying too hard. Masterfully coordinated and with his fit on lock, Pine proves he’s ready for the final frontier.

Chris Pine

Who: Daniel Radcliffe

Where: Times Square, NYC

The heckles of ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers mate’ are a distant memory for Daniel Radcliffe as he matures beyond age 10-12 Gryffindor robes. These days, the native Londoner opts for a steady balance between formal and off-duty – like this royal blue two-piece that’s perfectly anchored with a Breton tee and classic tan Oxfords. You’re a wizard, Harry (or at least your stylist is).

Daniel Radcliffe

Who: Justin Theroux

Where: West Hollywood, LA

Not in fact a pap shot from Burning Man, but Justin Theroux on the milk-and-bread run (and killing it). Gym-honed muscles, muscle fits and leather boots is a notoriously difficult combination to pull off without looking like you’ve just walked off a Pride float, but Theroux lands this one perfectly. Might’ve been a different story if that mesh-panelled trucker cap was on his head, though.

Justin Theroux

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: Las Vegas

The purity ring is gone, taking with it a pile of Disney-friendly checked shirts and unforgivably naff ‘geek chic glasses’. In their stead, the youngest Jonas brother relies on classic monochrome pieces in the search for true style. And he succeeds with aplomb. Adolescence might be a cruel mistress, but Jonas has made his way out of the torture chamber.

Nick Jonas

Who: Flame

Where: Ben-Hur Premier, LA

Pink is no longer the preserve of your niece on her fifth birthday party, as rapper Flame proves here. While it might be a look that’s tough to pull off outside of hip-hop’s tribes, the Grammy-nominated god-fearing artist shows white and pink is an almighty combo.

Marcus Gray

Who: Scott Disick

Where: LA

Olive and grey isn’t the most groundbreaking colour combo, but Scott Disick knows how to take neutrals to the next level. It’s all in the glove fit. The drapey T-shirt flatters his torso without cling-filming it and his skinnies are slim, not spray-on. The final touches? A glint of gold to the neck and wrist provides a pop that’s more De Beers than DMX. Ching ching.

Scott Disick

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