Who: Aaron-Taylor Johnson

Where: Nocturnal Animals Screening, London

Nothing beats glove-like tailoring. And, when you’ve committed to the gym like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, you want your suit to fall in all the right places. Extra points for the right kind of square-toed shoes.

Who: John Legend

Where: New York City

John Legend knows better than to try and out-glam his other half. Instead, he proves that all-black is always alright, especially when you add depth with a borg collar. Your move, Chrissy.

Who: Jon Hamm

Where: AOL Build Series, New York City

Jon Hamm makes the moves of a chess champion with a trio of prints – suit, shirt and pocket square. And while checks on checks sound tricky on paper, neutral tones and different densities tie the look together. Checkmate.

Who: A$AP Rocky

Where: West Hollywood, LA

The fashion killa slays again. Not content with gigs at Dior and Guess, A$AP sets Gucci in his crosshairs with clashing head-to-toe prints, pulled off thanks to a muted palette. Best watch your back, Jared.

Who: Jude Law

Where: The Young Pope Premiere, Paris

For Jude Law, the Young Pope promo tour has been a chance to showcase some decidedly louche tailoring. Again, we’ve got loose bottoms, an unstructured top (hopefully there’s a tee beneath that scarf) and the grin of a star who’s finally enjoying himself.

Who: Joe Jonas

Where: New York City

Camp Rock grad or boot camp cadet? We can’t be sure thanks to Jonas’ statement camo tee. Granted, electric blue doesn’t exactly blend in, but the black jeans and forest bomber let the colour pop. At ease, Jonas.

Who: Justin Timberlake

Where: New York City

Why the grimace JT? You’ve just had your first number one in years, and now you’ve nailed a Mr Ripley-level Cuban collar shirt and on-trend wide legs. Must be tears of joys.

Who: Robert Pattinson

Where: New York City

There are many ways to lose the tween heartthrob rep. You can make like Zayn and buy a leather jacket. Or you can pull a Pattinson and mature your look in muted staples. It’s the right way to dress like your fans’ dads.