Who: Miles Teller

Where: Bleed For This Party, Toronto International Film Festival

His new onscreen performance split critics, but Miles Teller is rather more Fantastic off screen, swapping the spandex for a crisp three-piece.

He takes a glove-like fit and elevates it, with choice accessories turning Teller from clotheshorse to sartorial hero. They don’t all wear capes.

Who: Andre 3000

Where: ONE MusicFest, Atlanta

We’re sorry Ms. Jackson, Andre’s for real. Or at least his masterclass in tonal texture is.

While all-navy could be considered dull, Mr 3000 lifts things with contrast denim turn-ups and a subtle pop of necklace colour. So fresh and so clean, clean.

Who: Jamie Foxx

Where: Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge, LA

The Ivy League has produced the very best graduates. And some A+ looks. As Jamie Foxx plays valedictorian in oatmeal slacks and a navy polo, collegiate sportswear once again sits top of the class. Extra credit for the Gucci sneakers.

Tom Cullen

Where: Emmy Awards 2016, LA

Whether in Downton Abbey or downtown LA, Tom Cullen knows a thing or two about finery. The white bow tie and large lapels rejig the red carpet tux, but both still toe the dress code. Well played, old chap.

Joe Manganiello

Where: LA

There’s more to Joe Manganiello than tearaway pants. As his print masterclass proves, light camo trousers can make even a monochrome tee memorable. Just please keep them on, Joe.

Luke Evans

Where: Green Carpet Challenge BAFTA Night To Remember, London

Luke Evans’ tailored look ticks all the boxes. Dark/light contrast? Check. Understated accessories? Check. Impeccable fit? Check check check. We can even ignore the old-school 4×1 jacket.

Caleb McLaughlin & Gaten Matarazzo

Where: Emmy Awards 2016, LA

Seems Eleven and the gang aren’t just on-point onscreen. The Emmys played host to a multitude of looks, but none more memorable than Gaten Matarazzo’s playful check layering and Caleb McLaughlin’s Gucci-esque blazer.

The fashion world just got turned Upside Down.

Tom Daley

Where: London

He might have bombed at the Olympics, but Tom Daley makes up for it style-wise.

The clingy roll neck balances his wide-leg trousers – a way of manipulating silhouettes that plays to his literal strengths. Especially since he grounds the look with something as classic as loafers. Ten points.