Who: LeBron James

Where: New York City

Sweltering summers are no excuse for sub-par ensembles, as LeBron James proves. The double-breasted blazer is a smart move for an NBA baller – it bulks out that long torso so LeBron seems less beanpole. It helps that the jacket is light – in all senses of the word – and the trousers are fitted but relaxed enough to provide some ventilation. One swallow does not a summer make – but a well-selected suit certainly can.

Who: Aaron Paul

Where: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Premiere, New York City

There’s nothing mythical about the benefits of all-black – slimming, versatile and easy-to-wear – and Aaron Paul takes that winning formula to the red carpet. By mixing shades of black and grey he adds contrast, and a glint of sports watch steel ensures the Breaking Bad star doesn’t fade into the background. He’s the one who knocks it out of the park.

Who: Douglas Booth

Where: My Burberry Black Launch, London

Proving that coloured suits and white tees weren’t just acceptable in the 80s, Douglas Booth’s tailored look is the best way to wear your suit in summer. The blazer, cut and shade keep his look luxury enough for a Burberry fragrance launch, but white sneaks and a gold pendant keep his look out of the Mayfair members’ clubs. Douglas says relax.

Who: Future

Where: Young Thugs 25th Party, Atlanta

For some, a birthday is best celebrated with a few pints at your local boozer. For hip-hop royalty, a private club with tabletop dancers and Ciroc on tap is more fitting. Future would probably be a bit overdressed for the dog and duck. But at Young Thug’s Puma-sponsored shindig, you can rock a velvet bomber. So long as you go all-black everywhere else to avoid a statement shouting too loud.

Who: Jason Statham

Where: Mechanic: Resurrection Premiere, Hollywood

Red carpet dressing doesn’t require photo-op gimmicks – just a well-fitted suit. As Jason Statham shows here, black tailoring is a classic for a reason. But it’s even better when you can give tried-and-tested a modern spin; the maroon tie offers a subtle colour pop and dubz monks suggest Jason’s been boning up on the #menswear message boards.

Who: Matt Bomer

Where: Benefit for onePULSE Foundation, Los Angeles

If you’re averse to all-black in the height of summer (understandable), then take a tip from Matt Bomer’s tonal red carpet masterclass. The eggshell blue suit could have come from Gatsby’s wardrobe, but he avoids coming over too costume by ditching the tie in favour of a pocket square and contrast shirt, matched by a pair of slip-on loafers.

Who: Toby Huntington-Whiteley

Where: My Burberry Black Launch, London

His sister leaves big red carpet shoes to fill, but the younger Huntington-Whiteley holds his own in a classic ensemble. Everything works, from the double-breasted navy blazer to the neutral chino to the brown driving shoe. And, although it may not seem the most fashion-forward move, it is one of the most timeless. Step aside, Rosie.

Who: Usher

Where: New York City

Not a chart hit to be seen but slaying it in the style stakes regardless. Yes, Usher may be shy of platinum records these days, but he keeps his off-duty look on point by mixing up wardrobe stapes – in this case, a khaki green bomber that sits perfectly with stonewash distressed jeans and a basic white tee. We can almost forgive the diamond encrusted necklace.