Who: Julian Jordan

Where: MTV EMAs 2016, Rotterdam

Not all European DJs are Eurovision material. Here, wunderkind Julian Jordan eschews sequinned shoulder pads, metallics and general toplessness for an all-black look split up by a Borg lining. 12 points.

Who: Miles Teller

Where: Bleed For This Preview Screening, NYC

From Valentino finery to off-duty excellence, Miles Teller nails it every time. Here, the Bleed For This star hits both tonal and colour-block notes, keeping it all grounded with a neutral colour palette.

Who: Usain Bolt

Where: Crown Oaks Day, Melbourne

There’s only so much Lycra a man can wear between Olympics. Which is probably why Bolt takes full advantage of tailoring when he’s off-track. Here, sober suiting is nixed for a summer-ready two-piece, with the shirt, tie and pocket square popping quietly throughout. Lightning Bolt strikes again.

Who: Liam Hemsworth

Where: 10th Annual GO Campaign Gala, LA

For Hollywood stars, red carpets are rock-and-hard-place situations – stick to the basics, come across boring; take a risk, get ridiculed. Which is why Hemsworth’s look is all the more impressive. The black suit ticks the staples box, while the printed shirt pops without coming off novelty. Nothing to see here, TMZ.

Who: Tom Cullen

Where: 100 Street Premiere, London

Tom Cullen comes closer to morphing into his Downton Abbey counterpart with every red carpet appearance. Here, the textured grey two-piece is a sharp departure from the usual black and navy shades, while a woollen jumper and brown tie add some contrast.

Who: Mario Lopez

Where: Vanderpump Dogs Foundation Gala, LA

Mario Lopez is the ultimate comeback kid. Not only did he salvage a career from Saved By The Bell, here he swaps that permed mullet for the ultimate black tie look. Sure, the two-piece might seem standard uniform, but the contrast lapels chime with the patent shoes below.

Who: Wiz Khalifa

Where: Los Angeles

Wiz Khalifa, probably the only chronic stoner on the planet who gets high in Acne Studios gear. Here, the rapper plugs into the oversized bomber trend, but anchors the look with a striped dress trouser to tie in with the sweater up top.