Who: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Where: Nocturnal Animals Screening, NYC

Gym hours carve a killer body, but they can also kill a wardrobe. While the Geordie Shore cast continue to squeeze into claustrophobic V-neck t-shirts, scrawny-to-brawny actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson slides into tailoring with a glove-like fit.

Who: John Legend

Where: American Music Awards

John Legend proves his red carpet expertise once again. Showing serious sartorial balls, the singer anchors pattern-popping eveningwear with a solid black shirt and trousers. Which is all good advice to follow, providing you can peel your eyes from Chrissy Teigen’s liberal use of thigh.

Who: Niall Horan

Where: American Music Awards

Americans and Brits usually dominate most award shows, so it’s encouraging to see Niall Horan rep it for Ireland. The windowpane check and open collar is every inch the Pitti peacock, but a charcoal colour and traditional monkstraps keep it Savile Row. No luck of the Irish needed.

Who: Justin Timberlake

Where: Trolls Premiere, Sydney

It’s strange to think that JT, the once proud owner of instant noodle hair and boyband cargo trousers, is now a tailoring savant. His light blue two-piece here is a modern update on an easy-to-wear classic, while a peeking floral print adds colour and depth.

Who: Brad Goreski

Where: Beverly Hills

Red trousers are no longer reserved solely for the grounds of Oxbridge. Thanks to Goreski’s rejig, the once ‘rah’ essential gains an off-duty edge in the form of sportswear. Leave your tweed jacket on the family estate.

Who: G-Eazy

Where: American Music Awards

Chances are the Joker-inspired hair G-Eazy sported for Halloween didn’t leave you green with envy, though his ability to carry off all-black tailoring might. Having finally got rid of the toxic locks, the rapper shows a subtler side with a tonal look where the only statement is a cropped ankle.

Who: Ranveer Singh

Where: Befikre Photocall, London

Bollywood might not always get the credit it deserves at the Western box office, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from its superstars. Ranveer Singh hits casual up top with a duffle coat, but grounds the look with clean-cut trousers and box-fresh boots below.

Who: James McAvoy

Where: London

James McAvoy is quickly becoming one of Britain’s biggest exports (minus the odd Adele album), and it’s easy to see why. Here, the X-Men star opts for classic monochrome tailoring, but adds a deep green colour pop with his outerwear.