From the Mazda MX-5 to the Ferrari F360, some of our favourite motors have come with space for a pair and a roof that drops. But what if your squad’s more than just a couple? These are the cars that fold away without sacrificing the back seats. So now that road trip can include the whole gang.

Mercedes S Cabriolet

It’s been said by many (us included) that the Mercedes S Class saloon is all the car you’ll ever need. But we’ll concede that this isn’t the case if you demand a roof-down experience.

Et voila, the S Class Cabriolet. As well as the droppable top, it’s fitted with every conceivable gadget, from the expected sat nav to rather less expected neck warmers, and even Swarovski crystal-studded lights, if you stump up for the flagship S 65.

It’s no slouch, either – in AMG guise, it’ll fly to 62mph in less than four seconds. And you can raise the roof if you’re driving under 37mph – which is a party trick worth bearing the rain for.

Rolls Royce Dawn

It’s only natural that a convertible Roller should have back seats – your chauffeur goes up front, after all. But if you do decide to take the reins yourself, it’s worth the side-eye from any nearby earls: with 563bhp under its ample bonnet, you’ll be able to restyle your hair by hitting 62mph in 4.9 seconds, before potentially ripping it off entirely by charging to a limited 155mph.

But because this a Rolls Royce, you still get the brand’s famed ‘magic carpet ride’, with the company claiming it’s the quietest convertible you can buy. Tell Jeeves to take the day off.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

It might smack of professional football, but the convertible Continental is worth a look, even if you’d rather have your initials on your cuff than your name on the back of your shirt.

First, there’s the engine, which offers Theo Walcott pace without the reliability issues. Then, the looks – its sweeping bonnet lines and surprisingly low profile, considering its inside space, mean it’s more David Beckham than Martin Keown.

Finally, there’s the smarts, with a Leo Messi-rivalling 30gb hard drive for music and maps. Just don’t let any of them point you to Cheshire.

Maserati GranCabrio

Even the most handsome group of mates has a member who’s way more attractive than everyone else. In this company, the Maserati is that friend, with supercar styling that belies the spacious interior. Consider it the automotive Ashley Graham.

It’s bigger than the Bentley, but unlike the Rolls and Merc, who wear their size with pride, the Maser’s size is disguised by its beautiful lines. The GranCabrio is also blessed with one of the most pleasing sounding engines in the west, meaning that every drive is an event to be savoured.

BMW 6 Series

While it’s arguably the least exotic looking fin this line-up, the 6 is a very accomplished performer. It’s quick over the horizon in all guises, from the 3L diesel to the barnstorming M6, which hits 62mph in a coiffure-ruffling 4.2 seconds.

The cabin’s a glorious place to be, depending on your taste for white leather, and it’s an equally refined drive. The back seats aren’t as accommodating as the others in this class, but the base 640i is about £30,000 cheaper than the Merc. We’re sure your friends will understand.

Aston Martin DB9 Volante

The DB9 has dropped off the production line, as we wait for the DB11 ragtop to arrive. Which means you should look to pick on up on the second-hand market.

The DB9 is less dynamic than the rest of this company, and the rear seats are even smaller than the BMW’s. But considering it looks like someone bolted wheels to a shark, and sounds like they also grafted in a lion’s voicebox, it seems a small price to pay.