If there’s one time headphones are needed most, it’s while working out. Along with muffling bad gym music and drowning out the grunts of gym rats, studies have shown listening to tunes can increase endurance by up to 15%.

That said, nothing kills #BeastMode quicker than getting a cable caught up in the cross trainer. So Bang & Olufsen has launched its first wireless headphones with fitness fanatics in mind.

The Beoplay H5 wireless earbuds are some serious gym bag-essential kit. Joined together by a single braided cord, they are constructed from aluminium and rubber, making them resistant to both dirt and sweat. Internal magnets mean the buds can be snapped together around the neck when not in use and these also serve as the connection to the charger.

Worried about losing a bud mid-sprint? B&O has thought it through and bundled in seven pairs of ear tips for near-perfect fit. Plus, it found space to pack in a five-hour battery life; enough to run a marathon and back.

Aiming to tick the boxes for audiophiles as well, the headphones sync with an app for Android, iOS and Apple Watch that allows the user to select a range of custom sound profiles depending on the activity.

Time to start building that #TreadmillBeast playlist.

The Beoplay H5 wireless headphones are available now from B&O, priced £199.