Camping, whatever way you spin it, is still often far from stylish. For all the discovering nature, starting fires with sticks and even catching your own dinner, there’s digging a hole 200 feet from base to do your business in.

Enter Carhartt, which has produced a range of camping equipment to make enjoying the outdoors a more envious affair. In a bid to lift your existing gear out of the caveman days, the range is an all-black line-up including foldable chairs, tables and hammocks.

The tensioned frame mesh top table comes complete with cupholders for boozy nights by the fire while sat in the matching chairs, both of which are stored compactly in their own zippered bag small enough to fit in a backpack.

Equally, the cotton canvas apron with tools pocket and metal rivets is a very Bear Grylls way to preside over the BBQ before retiring to the comfort of your hammock.

Not planning on entering the wilderness this summer? Take the pieces to a festival instead, though we can’t promise the toilet conditions are any better.

Carhartt’s camping equipment is available to buy in stores and online now, priced from £40.