Because an invigorating thwack of caffeine is no longer enough to expect from a humble cup of Joe, coffee aficionados have started adding nitrogen to their daily cups.

Yes, nitrogen. The same family of gas that makes your car both Fast and Furious. Does it have a similar effect on the body? Well, by drinking a cup of nitro coffee, you’re not going to turn into Vin Diesel. But you will, apparently, experience an accelerated caffeine rush and a smoother sip.

The nitrogen is said to enhance the sweetness of the coffee, while creating a sea of microbubbles that render the drink as silky as Hugh Hefner’s bed sheets. In fact, so honeyed and velvety are nitro coffees that even diehard milk-and-sugar addicts can take theirs black.

It’s all the rage in the US and, never ones to be left behind, Londoners are taking these gassy coffees to their hearts. None more so than White Lyan mixologist and master alchemist Robin Honhold, who in a genius move, decided to go one step further and add alcohol to the mix. Kapow.

“The texture of nitro coffee is akin to that of Guinness,” he explains. “Creamy, smooth and strong. We decided to create our own version, and it ended up a mashup between an espresso martini and a Jack Daniels and Coke – two of our guiltiest pleasures.”

At White Lyan, the drink is pressurised and served from a beer tap, so that it arrives at the table cascading with a silky foam forming on top, but Honhold has created a DIY version – just in case you don’t have your own pro-grade bar in the living room.

“It is a delicious, silky JD, cherry, cola and coffee number, which references many things, but sits alone in its own right. The coffee will give you the necessary perk to lift your mood and carry you until the sun goes down late.” Or even comes back up again.

Tennessee Nitro Martini (Serves 2)


80ml Jack Daniels Old No.7
80ml Biona Sour Cherry juice
160ml Sandows cold brew coffee
160ml Coca Cola
2 heaped tsp sugar

To Serve

Chilled half pint glass (preferably the dimpled variety)

Shopping List

“Jack Daniels No.7 has a smooth, refined edge, paired with a distinct nuttiness. The underlying sweetness and gentle coconut notes complement this cocktail perfectly.

“As far as cold brew coffee goes, Sandows are at the very top of the game: not just because of the flavour but also a consistent, lasting freshness.”


  1. A day ahead of serving, place all the ingredients in the fridge and allow to completely chill.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, add the Jack Daniels, sour cherry juice and cold brew coffee and shake until well combined.
  3. Pour into the chilled glasses, and top each up with the Coca Cola, stirring well with a cocktail stirrer to ensure it is mixed.
  4. Add a heaped tsp of sugar to each glass and stir vigorously until dissolved. The sugar will cause the gas in the Coke to nucleate and will produce a frothy ‘head’. Serve.

From Delicious To Stratospheric

“Only use the best quality ingredients. And drink it with friends.”