In the words of Simon & Garfunkel: “Slow down, you move too fast.” With noses buried in smartphones and our minds occupied with money worries, we’re all so busy being busy that we don’t stop often enough to ponder life over an enlivening potation (chugging pints during a post-work Friday night hooch orgy doesn’t count).

Well, according to the folks at innovative London restaurant the Typing Room, enough is enough. In their wisdom, they are declaring war against our endless hamster-wheel existence and launching an homage to the art of slow living. The Art of Slow dinner series “is about taking the time to create meaningful and pleasurable experiences in life,” says head chef Lee Westocott. Not to mention devouring delicious plates.

Joining forces with Ron Zacapa rum, the bods at the Typing Room have devised a many-layered accompanying cocktail to this dreamy feast; a sophisticated mosaic of complex flavours designed to challenge the palette and slow down the drinker’s appreciation of its virtues.

“It’s an unusual combination,” says Ron Zacapa brand ambassador Dan Dove. “The leek lends acidity to the drink, but is perfectly balanced by the sweetness from the roasted honey. The balsamic vinegar gives the cocktail a delicate, sweet acidity which pairs superbly with the Zacapa rum.”

To round out the sweet-savoury-acidity spectrum, Dove adds a drop of warming, toasty chestnut liqueur. “It adds another dimension to the cocktail, and also highlights the nuttiness you find in the Zacapa rum, which is aged gradually in Spanish sherry casks.”

And if ageing a rum for years, just to nurture the perfect blend of fruity and nutty dimensions, doesn’t advocate taking the time to stop and smell the roses, what does?

All you’re required to do is sit back, sip, and think.

Zacapa & Leek (Serves 2)


100ml Ron Zacapa 23
4 slices of honey roasted leek (lightly muddled in a mixing glass)
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
4 pinches allspice
1 tsp honey
20ml chestnut liqueur

Honey Roasted Leeks

4 slices of leek
2 tbsp honey

To Serve

Chilled rocks glass
Cubed ice
2 slices of leek, to garnish

Shopping List

“Ron Zacapa rum adds an intense complexity of aromas and notes which give the drink a luxurious, velvety finish. Go for Gold Label balsamic vinegar from Fortnum & Mason. I would use Briottet chestnut liqueur, and any high-quality brand of honey,” says Dove.


  1. First, make the honey roasted leeks. Pre-heat an oven to 220C. Arrange the leek slices in a roasting tray, keeping them well-spaced apart. Drizzle with honey, toss well until completely coated and then roast for around 15 minutes, or until the edges of the leek begin to brown.
  2. Now assemble the cocktail. Add the honey roasted leeks to a mixing glass and muddle with a spoon until lightly bruised. Set aside until needed.
  3. Add the cubed ice to the chilled serving glasses. In a cocktail shaker, add the leeks, rum, balsamic vinegar, allspice, honey and chestnut liqueur. Shake well.
  4. Using both hands, strain the drink through a Hawthorne strainer (held flush with the opening of the shaker) and a small fine sieve positioned over your glass.
  5. Garnish with a slice of leek and serve.

From Delicious To Stratospheric

“Infuse the honey on the leek with truffle to take the drink to the next level.”