Want to know what the future holds for your feet? New York based startup Vixole might hold a clue. The game-changing enterprise has come up with the world’s first customisable e-sneaker with a built-in display.

The seriously sci-fi high tops, which are weather and water resistant (smart move), use flexible LEDs to allow the wearer to generate virtual designs in full colour onto the shoe via an app.

Made from premium full grain leather and bonded with an elastic strap, the sneakers are also fitted with NFC technology, meaning designs can be swapped with other wearers by placing two pairs together.

Vixole has even suggested the sneaker’s built-in sensors could interact with games such as Pokémon Go by vibrating and lighting up when a Pokémon was close by (though we’re hoping that would have died out by the time these make production.)

The sneakers, which have been designed in three colourways: black, white and beige, are still in the prototype phase but Vixole will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

Now everyone form an orderly queue…

The Vixole E-Sneaker Kickstarter campaign is expected to launch in September, price tbc.