We men are loyal beasts. Whether it be to a brand of ketchup, a football team or a pair of trainers; we find what makes us say “yeah, that’ll do” and we stick with it.

As testimony to this fact, we here at FashionBeans have pulled out our go-to trainers. Of course, we don’t own just one pair of trainers, but if we had to wear a single style for every occasion and outfit, this would be them. Consider it our desert island kicks. Then again, if we were on a desert, we’d probably want sandals instead.

Cillian O’Connor

Features Editor

As slick as white trainers are, they’re a pain in the proverbial to keep clean. Let’s be real: no matter how diligent you are with your wipes and specially formulated cleaner, all it takes is one false step from a fellow commuter to instantly wreck your crepes.

Which is why these murdered-out nappa leather beauties are what I’m wearing this season. Classic, versatile and handcrafted in Portugal, ETQ’s inky black low-tops are a shoo-in for a slew of looks from jeans and a tee to tailoring. Plus, you won’t have to spend valuable weekend time scrubbing them with an old toothbrush like an absolute loser.

ETQ. Low Top 1 Sneaker, available at End Clothing, priced £189.

Luke Todd

News Editor

I’m not saying I’m like Obama, but the outgoing commander-in-chief is known for wearing only navy or grey suits to pare down decisions. I use the white sneaker in the same way.

Yes, the minimalist style has become like catnip in fashion circles, but it has also democratised the exclusive world of sneakers, with models available at every price point.

Along with more designer pairs, I own several decent variations from high street names. When I go to a grotty boozer (and it has happened a few times) I’ll wear these instead. If I, heaven forbid, had to clear out all but one as I’m being asked to here, I’d go with the middle-market Puma Court Stars.

PUMA Court Star, available at Size?, priced £65.

Tom Banham

Associate Editor

Anyone who watched Usain Bolt rifle into history last night should throw away their Common Projects immediately. The smart white sneaker may go with everything. It might streamline your morning. But it denies the trainer’s vitality.

For me, a spokesman trainer should speak to man’s strain against his own limits. It should look like it might bite you. It should be something you could wear to run faster, jump farther, even though you never would.

Do I own anything that goes with Christopher Kane’s insane neoprene-and-buckle science projects? Do they look a little bit like the shoes your mum makes you wear in the pool when you’ve got a verruca? Yes. But if you try to tell me that, I won’t be able to hear you. Your voice doesn’t carry to the top step of the podium.

Christopher Kane Safety Buckle Neoprene Sneakers, available at Farfetch, priced £348.76.

Murray Clark

Assistant Editor

If you’re old enough to remember trading Pogs at playtime, chances are you owned a pair of Reebok’s Classic Leather trainers. And, with coordinating tracksuits and terrace get-ups on the runways, there’s never been a better time to call them off the bench.

Yes, they may be a little Byker Grove, but pair the Classic’s crisp treads with white sports socks, stonewash jeans and a simple tee, and you’re on the right side of nineties nostalgia. Super Soaker and Tamagotchi not included.

Reebok Classic Leather Shoes, available at Surfdome, priced £54.99.