Editors’ Picks: What We Want For Christmas

F ew things test a grown man’s mettle like having to put on a grimace and force out a Grammy-style acceptance speech seconds after unwrapping a bad gift. These days, “No of course I don’t want the receipt” (read: “I want the bloody receipt”) is a common a Christmas phrase as: “Does anyone have batteries?” While any gift given with thought should be gratefully received, in the interest of avoiding the ordeal of having to pretend like what you just opened isn’t going to spend the next 12 months in storage, here is what the editors of FashionBeans are padding out their wish list with this year.

Cillian O'Connor, FashionBeans Features Editor Cillian O'Connor, FashionBeans Features Editor

Cillian O’Connor

Features Editor

Next year is, I’ve decided, all about getting out more. And by ‘getting out more’ I mean travelling to far-flung places despite the fact that my bank balance is invariably down under. Which is why I’d like the two-set from luggage start-up Away for Christmas. Smart, stylish and sturdily built, these virtually unbreakable cases boast a built-in battery that can charge any USB device, a nylon laundry bag for dirty clothes or wet swim shorts and a scratch-resistant matte surface. Plus, Away’s bags tuck neatly inside one another so they won’t – like other cases – take up half the square footage of your home or hotel room. Merry Christmas. If you need me, I’ll be trawling Skyscanner. Away Luggage Set, available at Away Travel, priced £450.

Away Luggage Se

Luke Todd, FashionBeans News Editor Luke Todd, FashionBeans News Editor

Luke Todd

News Editor

Experiencing Christmas should involve all five of the senses: sight, touch, painfully full, alcohol and smell (have I missed any?) On the olfactory front I always ask for something from historic fine-fragrance candle-maker Cire Trudon to burn away the smell of leaky bin bags and granddad sitting in his chair too long. As well as looking good – produced in the maison’s signature hand-blown glass vessels – scents like the ever popular Byron promise to upgrade your airspace with base notes of wood and heart notes of exotic spice, finished with top notes of brandy. Well, I didn’t say I’d be completely out of the Christmas spirit. Cire Trudon Scented Candle Byron, available at The Conran Shop, priced £62.

Cire Trudon Scented Candle Byron

Ben Herbert, FashionBeans editor-in-chief Ben Herbert, FashionBeans editor-in-chief

Ben Herbert


There’s nothing better at Christmas than sitting down with a rare bird loaded up with stuff that reminds you of why being a kid at Christmas was so great. No, the turkey can go get plucked, I’m talking about Nintendo’s nostalgic reissue of the NES. The mini replica is packed with more than 30 pre-installed games including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. The only issue is there are far fewer consoles than people who want them, which is why I’m opting to send my loved ones on a Jingle All The Way-style quest to hunt one down for me. No pressure. NES Classic Mini, available to pre-order (again) at Smyths, priced £49.99.

NES Classic Mini

Murray Clark, FashionBeans Assistant Editor Murray Clark, FashionBeans Assistant Editor

Murray Clark

Assistant Editor

If, like me, you prefer Sky Plus to push-ups, you’ll understand how important a dressing gown is for hiding your sins. Television (of any kind) is one of my all time loves and Christmas is the perfect excuse to over indulge. Pair this with an admiration for ostentatious rappers and extravagant branding and it’s easy to see how this Versace bathrobe ended up on my wish list. Yes it may have been worn by big-time baller Rick Ross in his latest music video Same Hoes, and yes, it costs the same as a return flight to Tel Aviv, but you can’t put a price on luxe-lined laziness, especially when you’re not the one paying. Versace Bathrobe, available at Versace, priced £315.

versace bathrobe

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