The first trailer for Game of Thrones season six is finally out and everyone looks closer to the dying side than the winning one. Cersei, Jamie, Arya, Theon and Daenerys all appear very much worse for wear, and poor Jon looks even more not alive than he did at the end of season five.

Since book readers and show watchers are all in the same place now, the trailer is full of surprises for us all. Here are some of the teaser’s standout moments:

1) Jon Snow is flatlining. Maybe

The trailer opens with Jon’s cold, dead body lying on the cold, dead ground. HBO really wants us to believe that Jon is permanently dead, but we’ll believe it when we see it—and our bet is that we won’t see it until the second or third episode.

2) Some folks have learnt a lesson in humility. For now

Melisandre admits that maybe she doesn’t always give the best advice, telling Davos “The great victory I saw in the flames… all of it was a lie.” We’re still waiting on an apology for Shireen.

3) Uncomfortable hook-ups still abound

Jorah and Daario are still on the hunt for Daenerys, a partnership that should be sufficiently awkward.

4) Peace is still a long, long way off (thank god)

Daenerys is trekking it cross country with thousands of Dothraki. Based on the massive horse statue, she likely ends up in Vaes Dothrak where they probably won’t be calling her Mhysa.

5) Gravity ain’t such a big deal

Sansa shows up for a brief moment looking very much alive (and very Northern chic) following the big leap she and Theon took last season. Theon also survived the fall, but doesn’t look to be thriving as well as his pseudo-sister.

6) The dead just won’t stay dead

The Faith Militant is still going strong, but now has to go up against Ser Robert Strong aka the reanimated corpse of Gregor Clegane. We don’t see this ending well for them.

7) War! Huh! What is it good? Keeping audiences hooked

There are some major battle scenes, but it’s not clear who is fighting. Based on rumors, it might be a battle between the awful Boltons and native Northerners.

8) Ned’s dead,baby. But still giving us clues

The most exciting sneak peek is of what is likely a flashback involving the long departed Ned Stark. While you can’t see Sean Bean’s face, it definitely looks like his silhouette. Hopefully, these flashbacks provide some much-needed info on Jon’s parentage and Ned’s past.

We’ll have to wait until April 24 for the first episode and based on the trailer, we’re in for an amazing season. Let us know what parts of the trailer you’re most looking forward to seeing unfold.