Whether you wear one for the 9-5 or the after hours, there’s no getting away from the fact that a suit is the basic building block of looking good.

Luckily, today its more about what you can do with your tailoring and how it fits than how much cash you have to spend.

Case in extremely stylish point: New Look’s autumn/winter 2016 collection, which has been relaunched for the season with a refined take on smart-casual, new cuts and improved fabrics.

The high street chain has stripped the stuffiness out of suiting, leaving in its place is a series of contemporary and sportswear-inspired pieces, flanked by casual layers that can splice it all together when transitioning from the boardroom to the bar.

Best of all? The collection fits your wallet just as well as it does your inside leg, meaning you can build a sizeable – and enviable – smart wardrobe in no time.

The relaunched New Look tailoring collection is available online and in stores now. Prices start from £14.99.