Oliver Sweeney has spent the past quarter-century honing its craft in shoemaking. As far as we’re concerned at FashionBeans, it’s a name every guy should have in his footwear rotation.

In addition to being an expert under the arches, in recent seasons the British brand has focussed on growing its equally stylish outerwear and accessories business.

Now the brand is looking to complete the Sweeney look with the launch of its first full menswear collection, which continues a tried and tested approach of taking the traditional and making it modern.

Relaxed tailoring, selvedge denim shirts and technical parkas are all highlights, making up a solid first foray into men’s clothing.

“Taking on clothing was no easy feat,” says cobbler-in-chief, Tim Cooper. “It was something that we had considered doing for a while but something we could only do if we got it exactly right. I’m incredibly proud of the collection – the fabrics, the techniques used, the artisans we worked with – everything felt completely natural. It was definitely time for the Oliver Sweeney collection to grow and develop.”

So now Oliver Sweeney doesn’t just mean boot up, it means suit up, too.

Initial pieces from the debut Oliver Sweeney menswear collection have begun dropping online , with the full line scheduled to be available in stores from mid-August. Prices range from £99 for shirts to £699 for outerwear.