When footballers attempt to make a name from themselves in style as well as sport it’s hard to avoid drawing parallels with Beckhamania. However, England and Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has already shown efforts to carve his own path off the pitch go beyond sheer vanity and flashy dressing.

Admittedly, hanging out at fashion shows, making himself familiar with zeitgeist brands like Hood by Air and Opening Ceremony, and gracing the fashion pages of magazines can’t have hurt. (Neither could his inclusion in our own 2014 Best-Dressed List.) But it was his nomination at The British Style Awards in 2015 to be a London fashion ambassador that revealed just how far the beautiful game has come.

Fresh from training, we caught up with the man dubbed “the only hipster in football” to talk about his new role fronting Hugo Boss fragrances, and where it all goes from here.

Daniel Sturridge Interview

FashionBeans: Unlike some celebrity fragrances, you haven’t had a hand in creating this, so what you drew you to working with Boss Bottled?
Daniel Sturridge: Everything the fragrance embodies I see in myself: shaping your own success; being an alpha leader, being strong, intense, confident, courageous, dedicated to a craft. It’s something that I’m proud of and so grateful to be a part of.

What was the first fragrance you ever used?
Funnily enough – and I’m not even just saying this – it actually was Boss Bottled. I stole a sample from my dad’s bedroom; he had about three or four in there and I was like, ‘you know what, I’m taking one of these.’

I remember spraying it on and I felt like a man at the time even though I was 10 years old.

We’ve seen you singing in the locker room on Instagram, but talk us through your post-match grooming regime?
It’s the basics, I’m not a fussy guy. I don’t want to add too many crazy things into there, I feel less is more. As long as my body is creamed and I smell good, I’m happy.

We’re in for a summer of sport so you’ll be travelling lots. Do you have any travel essentials?
Something for the eyes because when you’re travelling you get tired and your eyes get a little bit puffy and you get bags.

Then Vaseline for the lips, don’t want those getting dry, that’s the last thing I need. And probably a small travel size Boss Bottled, so can top up when I go through the airport.

How do you get away from the perception that footballers are label obsessive and a bit hit and miss in what they wear?
I’m not too sure how that came about but I do believe that football has evolved. It’s not necessarily about how much something costs, or the label, it’s about how it looks and how you feel when you’re wearing it.

It’s important to be confident in whatever you wear – it doesn’t matter what the brand is, whether it’s high street or the most expensive you can buy.

Do you see yourself designing your own fragrance or going into other areas of style?
Right now I’m proud to be a part of this, but hopefully in the future I’ll be able to have my own fragrance, clothing line, and things like that.

I think I’d definitely like to be involved in the fashion and creative side of things, because I do enjoy that outside of football.

What was your biggest ever fashion mistake?
I wore an all-white suit to prom, and I regret that now. I don’t know why I did it, it just was wrong. I look back and I’m like, why?

But that can look okay if done right?
The idea was there; it was the execution.

So who’s the worst dressed player in the Liverpool dressing room?
Name and shame time, is it? I’d have to go with Simon Mignolet or Adam Bogdan. I just don’t believe they understand that you can’t throw different colours and different materials on if it doesn’t match at all. Some of the stuff they wear, it’s mindboggling, to say the least.

But there are a lot of well-dressed players at Liverpool as well, so let’s not leave those out.

What’s next? Do you have any projects coming up?
At the moment the plan is to just to keep evolving as a footballer; keep improving, and continuing to try and win trophies, help my team win trophies, help the national team be successful, and just improve every single day.

Also, to try and help the next generation be successful, that’s one of my biggest dreams, to help the next generation of footballers be better than this generation of footballers.

Daniel Sturridge is an ambassador for Boss Bottled and Boss Bottled Unlimited, both available now, priced from £38.