Getting the worlds of fashion and technology to talk to each other has been a hard task. Form has often come second to function (not something we’re used to) and most gadgets have focused on the health benefits of strapping something to your wrist rather than the style credentials.

Lucky, then, that Levi’s and Google stumbled on the same thought and joined up to create a denim jacket that can do everything from answer your phone to provide directions, without compromising design.

In short, the jacket, taken from Levi’s acclaimed Commuter range, features touch-sensitive fabric pioneered by the search engine giant on the cuff. The yarns link up to a sensor, which can be removed for washing and charging, to act as a trackpad that when paired to a smartphone responds to gestures such as swipes and taps to answer or decline calls, skip songs or access turn-by-turn directions.

It all sounds and looks a bit Buzz Lightyear, but by using one of Levi’s existing styles Google has at last made a piece of wearable technology that’s actually wearable. Plus, the hopes for the textile innovation are that in the future almost any everyday object can be transformed into an interactive surface. So smarty pants could literally one day be a thing.

The Levi’s x Google denim jacket is expected to go on sale in Levi’s stores and online from spring 2017, but no word has been given on pricing.