A lot has happened since 1990: Apple and Amazon have waged global takeovers, Justin Bieber has lived his entire life, and Vanilla Ice has gone from joke to in-on-the-joke. One thing that’s stayed the same, though? Puma’s Disc System.

To celebrate the Disc System’s 25th anniversary, Puma is introducing the Ignite Disc Sleeve, a modern rework of the 1990’s classic. Like the original model, the Ignite Disc Sleeve features three key elements: a circular disc closing unit, a pre-moulded compression unit and a side unit consisting of connecting sleeve and stabilising elements.

Bringing the silhouette into the 21st century, the latest iteration ups the ante with Puma’s energy returning Ignite Foam, an updated and slimmer Disc System, and a minimalist upper for a snug fit.

While functionality is the focus, aesthetics aren’t forgotten: a futuristic, athleisure look reveals just how far Puma has come in 25 years. We can’t wait to see what the 50th anniversary will be like.

The Puma Ignite Disc Sleeve is available now at Size? and ASOS, priced from £110.