The new year means new beginnings – bringing what you’ve learned from the past to make yourself stronger, smarter and better. In 2016, Puma is doing just that with The Blaze, a new trainer silhouette that draws on the brand’s sporting heritage while using advanced construction techniques to produce a sleeker, street-ready style.

Inspired by 1990s classic the Blaze of Glory, The Blaze features Puma’s trademark Trinomic technology, coupled with a plush and plastic mix upper. And like its predecessor, it looks set to become an icon in its own right.

For statement-makers, the new line of sneakers comes in the bright red and navy colourways, although minimalists are well served by more versatile options in black, grey and white. Combining retro elements like the heel loop and heavily cushioned Trinomic sole with modern embellishments – including clean vamp construction, streamlined eye-stays, lightweight materials and bold branding – The Blaze takes the best of the past and looks toward the future.

In a market dominated by reissues, we think more brands could take a note of Puma’s resolution to be more original.

The Puma Blaze is available from January 15 at FootAsylum, ASOS, JD Sports and End Clothing. RRP: £70