Aston Martin, purveyor of our favourite sporting automobiles, debuted the DB11 at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Like any good DB, it’s fit to make us go swivel-eyed, but it’s not the cheapest motor in the car park.

We, however, think buying one would be a financially astute move. If you actually have the means to buy one, allow us to present your justification.

1. A Bugatti Is More Expensive

The only other car that’s generated as much excitement this week (and probably this year) is the Bugatti Chiron. While the Bug’s a little faster, it’s also going to be a hell of a lot more expensive. £1.9m, as opposed to the DB11’s £154,900.

Compared to the Chiron, the Aston’s practically free.

2. It’s (Probably) Depreciation-Proof

Buying a new car is, usually, a mug’s game. Most cars lose a third of their value the minute you drive them off of the dealer’s forecourt. Not so, Aston Martins.

Most of the DBs have held a great deal of their value and some, such as the iconic DB5 (the Bond car) are now worth a small fortune.

3. It’s Cheaper Than A (London) Flat

We all know property prices are rising at a ridiculous rate. The average flat in London costs £467,000, which is about 12 times the average salary. Not so, the DB11.

At £154,900, it’s far cheaper than a soulless new build in zone 5. Stay at home. And tell your parents you’ll need their driveway.

4. Time Is Money

In today’s world, it’s important to be as efficient as possible, making the most of your time, and getting things done quickly. This is as true of travelling as it is about any other activity.

So, really, you need a ridiculously fast car to get you from place to place as speedily as possible. The DB11 will go from 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds, and go on to hit 200mph. We rest our case.

5. It’s A Ticket To Greatness

Great men drive Aston Martins. Get yourself one and people will start thinking you’re the best thing since the camel coat.

You’ll (probably) get a job that pays magnificently – even if you’re woefully under-qualified for it, you’ll get huge bonuses, and you’ll be able to retire at 35. And enjoy your fleet of Astons.

6. Just Look At It

It’s the definition of car porn.