Backpacks you can take to work are often made of leather. Which, in the heat, translates to sweaty skin. This summer, don’t shoulder that burden thanks to Sandqvist’s Lightweight Series, a collection of super-durable bags, without the heft.

These bags are made of strong and water-repellent ripstop polyester, which means sudden downpours are no longer a problem. They can also be folded down into accompanying pocket bags, saving space and adding convenience.

The black-on-black collection features six pieces in various styles and silhouettes: the classic Sally tote bag, the Yuri and Neil backpacks, and a large weekend luggage carrier named Buzz. Smaller pieces rounding out the range include the Mickel wash bag and the Gus waist pouch. In addition, a Stavanger backpack rain cover is available with a drawstring closure resistant to tearing and ripping.

“Personally, I really like the minimalistic and clean look of the Lightweight series. It’s a discreet and trendy, yet functional line of bags, and I’m very happy that we with this, now can present our first vegan products,” says Sandqvist’s Co-Owner Sebastian Westin. Well, that’s a load off.

Available now at, priced from €59.