We’ve all seen it in comedy films, some may even have tried it. It’s a Friday night and that means only one thing for the singletons among us – going in search of a mate to share a kebab with on the way home. Naturally you want to smell your best, so you have a quick spritz. No, not on your neck or your wrist, but ‘down there’. Cue the horrific burning sensation.

It’s an experience never forgotten and one that now never needs repeating thanks to French lifestyle brand Le Slip Français, which claims to have come up with the first ever scented underwear. We vaguely remember a bacon scented pair making the internet rounds a while back, so let’s just say it’s the first scented underwear you’d actually want to wear.

Far from a gimmick, the underwear actually looks good. Made from navy cotton-jersey and available as a trunk or brief, they feature a low rise cut, elasticated waistband in the French tricolour, and a supportive centre-front pouch.

Most importantly, the fabric’s fibres are infused with fragrance microcapsules that are released by body friction when worn. The sweet, lemony fragrance lasts for up to 20 washes – and no, just because they are scented doesn’t mean you can get away with multiple wears – so save them for best.

The Le Slip Français scented trunks and briefs are available exclusively online at Selfridges, priced from £36.