The opening night of Cannes is, as sartorial gauntlets go, a biggie. Every movie star on the planet walks the red carpet in clothes not yet crumpled by two weeks on a hotel rail, with skin still waiting to be ruined by a fortnight of yacht parties. And, as a guy, just getting some camera love amid all the ballgowns is a big ask.

So kudos to Justin Timberlake, who burst from the sartorial blocks in a look we should all bookmark for party season. Where a lot of men think just being in black tie is punchy enough, JT’s peak-lapelled Tom Ford tux hugs his gym-honed physique and makes that V-shape even sharper.

But it’s his cuffs, not his chest, that you’ll want to lift. Instead of a blunt end, his tux sleeves end in a glossy turn-up that matches his lapel. Which takes a look that is, in essence, a uniform – albeit an extremely sharp uniform – and adds texture, contrast, depth and a healthy sprinkle of personality.

All things to shoot for if you want the flashbulbs pointed your way.