Despite appearing in three editions of The Hunger Games, Liam Hemsworth’s wardrobe doesn’t just contain bodysuits and battle armour. He paid his thespian dues on the set of Neighbours, but has since swapped the soap’s shorts and no shirt look for what we think of as elevated dressing down; comfortable staples tweaked in cut or fabric so they stand out, rather than blend in.

You may not have an A-list stylist – or Miley Cyrus on your arm – but you can still steal the foundations of his look. Not in a Bling Ring way, mind. Rather, by selecting the right pieces, you can make like Liam and mix-and-match. The rugged good looks, however, are tougher to pick up.

Bomber Jacket

Like brother Chris, Liam’s no stranger to the gym. Which can pose outerwear issues, as anything that fits your shoulders flaps around at your waist. He’s wise to jump on the bomber jacket bandwagon: the cropped cut and elasticated waist keeps things decidedly less cape-like.

Burgundy is a punchy alternative to traditional monochrome options, although it’s wise to keep things muted elsewhere. Best paired with black jeans, a plain tee and neutral footwear.

Tee + Jeans

With something this simple, fit is everything. And when you’ve got the physique, that means slim, but not tight; think Bond abroad, not lads.

Wardrobe staples are best offset with subtle details – the square chest pocket and white streak Vans offer enough personality to give basics a lift.

Flannel Shirt

Channelling a look that wouldn’t be out-of-place in District 12, a layered flannel shirt is a masculine classic.

Here, a hint of blue in the checks adds colour without detracting from the straight-outta-woodland look, and the jeans and white tee keep the blue collar vibe going. Hollywood shades notwithstanding.


An all-black look is the perfect foil to summer vibrancy. But when it’s hot, figure-hugging fits = sweat.

So Hemsworth steers boxy: the well-ventilated route to keeping your cool in a murdered-out ensemble. Breeze aside, the real benefit is versatility – anyone can pull off all-black.

Neutral Tones

As the go-to look for any summer wedding, a classic dress shirt paired with stone chinos targets smart-casual with more precision than Independence Day’s aliens hit the White House.

To avoid looking like you’ve simply ditched the tie come 5pm, swap lace-ups for slip-ons; suede loafers or driving shoes keep things out of the office.

Henley Shirt

The henley was born as underwear, but reclaimed as the way for muscle-bound men to melt hearts. Earth tones keep the look simple and lend a hunter-gatherer aesthetic, with rolled-up sleeves for that I’ve-just-been-chopping-wood ruggedness.

Let your bench PB dictate how many buttons you fasten.

Track Jacket

Sportswear is designed for comfort under stress – and nowhere’s more stressful than long-haul. Here, Hemsworth jumps on the athleisure trend, combining his vintage Adidas track top with muted basics for a killer yet comfortable airport look.

Just keep your colours muted and fits slim, to not look like a footballer on the early flight back from a tournament. Unless you’re facing paparazzi, we’d also advise against the sunglasses at night move.