Simon Crompton – @permanentstylelondon

Permanent Style has been tipped by the New York Times as one of the top 10 blogs on menswear. The well-dressed man behind it, Simon Crompton, is actually a financial journalist, which at least partly explains how he always so looks money.

Crompton now also writes about threads for the likes of the Financial Times and The Rake, as well as authoring books like Le Snob Guide To Tailoring and The Finest Menswear In The World.

Indeed, Crompton is now something of a classic tailoring authority, able to explain why, say, a fully canvassed jacket moulds better to your body. If you’re investing in made-to-measure or bespoke, he’ll help you get your money’s worth. Not least because he’s bought a suit from pretty much every decent tailor around.


Dan Trepanier – @articlesofstyle

Dan Trepanier won US Esquire’s Best-Dressed Real Man In America in 2009 while still in college, proving that you don’t need money to look it. Rather than rest on his laurels, the next-level stylish psychology student set up a blog; he also got a degree in menswear design and several years of experience in bespoke tailoring.

Articles of Style (formerly The Style Blogger) has evolved from a slick blog into a full-service online shop. But thankfully it hasn’t cut the useful stuff, like five ways to wear one suit, ‘Ask Dan’ reader Q&As and inspiring profiles of interesting dudes in and around the industry.

Like Crompton, Trepanier is passionate, knowledgeable and terrific at explaining why things do and don’t work. But he and his team of young, steezy guys bring a fresher, more fashion-led perspective. And, as a card-carrying tailor, he can also go into forensic detail about why things don’t fit you properly – and what to do about it.


The Armoury – @thearmouryhk

Since it was founded in 2010, Hong Kong tailoring arsenal The Armoury has acquired a nigh-on legendary reputation as well as an equally highly regarded New York outpost (@thearmourynyc).

The original hub is hard to find unless you know where to look – up a tiny lift, past some art galleries, FYI. But it’s well worth seeking out if you want to one-up the tourists who hit HK for a cheap custom suit.

The Armoury stocks hard-to-find, exceptional quality brands that you probably didn’t even know to look for: outerwear by Ring Jacket, handmade shoes by Saint Crispin’s. If those aren’t unique enough, they also add custom finishes and fits and even design their own pieces in collaboration with manufacturers.

Online, you’ll also find plenty of demonstrations on how to wear your office armour, thanks chiefly to the staff who have practically become Instagram style icons in their own right. The ‘gram is also as close as you’ll get to joining The Armoury’s thriving community of menswear artisans and loyal customers – short of moving over there, that is.


Hardy Amies – @hardyamieslndn

Sir Hardy Amies literally wrote the (waspish) book on menswear: even today his ABC of Men’s Fashion is followed by many to the letter, frequently cited in stuffier menswear magazines and forums like set-in-stone commandments.

Meanwhile, the house that Hardy built is moving forward and embracing the 21st century. While classic tailoring remains at its heart, it also recognises that you might want to wear a T-shirt or trainers with your suit. Hence why you’ll now see modern cuts, sportswear influences and even previously incongruous New Balance kicks online and in its No. 8 Savile Row store.

In fact, Hardy Amies is arguably the most accessible house on the Row for an aspiring gent, both in terms of attitude and affordability. It’s always a standout amongst its tailoring brethren on the London Collections: Men schedule, proving that – with details like cargo pockets on a tailored trouser or a beanie with a suit in place of trilby – buttoned-up needn’t mean boring.


Karl-Edwin Guerre – @guerreisms

Karl-Edwin Guerre – pronounced “gear” (we think) – is that rare street style photographer who focusses on style rather than fashion, shooting for The Rake as well as his own blog Guerreisms.

And that’s not the only thing that makes him different. Where other shutterbugs swarm around the exits of catwalk shows, Guerre hangs back, shooting calmly and judiciously from a distance with a long lens like a snappily dressed sniper. Many’s the time we’ve lingered in his vicinity, glancing at our phone and crossing the same street repeatedly to no avail. We’ve even considered getting a sleeve tattoo. Or taking up smoking.

Which brings us to his other USP: Guerre is himself so cool that it’s a wonder he doesn’t just take selfies all day and save himself the trouble. Thankfully, his feed includes some of those, too, so you can appreciate the full majesty of his hip-hop-infused, tailoring-heavy personal style – like Lapo Elkann meets André 3000. Think wide-brim hats, generously-lapelled jackets and swaggy trousers.


Daniel Rhone – @danielrhone

OK, this one might be slightly biased, but, as well as being an occasional contributor to FashionBeans, Daniel Rhone is a magnificently bearded personal shopping consultant at Selfridges (and before that Topman) and freelance stylist. His suit-wearing chops are therefore as impeccable as his actual ones.

Rhone’s feed is predominantly instructional #OOTD selfies, plus his styling work for clients and desirable product shots. Helpfully, he also posts updates on camp-out-overnight drops at Selfridges, like Yeezy Boosts or that red velvet Haider Ackermann bomber that every rapper and his Snoop Dogg has been lensed in.

Aside from growing facial hair, Rhone is particularly adept at making high street tailoring look a million bucks, although dare we say that since he moved to Selfridges his tastes have gotten a teensy bit more expensive. Oh you fancy, huh?


David Gandy – @davidgandy_official

Industry legend has it that if you say “Gandyman” five times in front of a mirror, he will appear in the same outfit as you, but absolutely kill it. Indeed, the first time this author interviewed the male supermodel, we both turned up wearing the same double-breasted, navy Reiss suit – no prizes for guessing who wore it best. Our self-esteem has never really recovered.

Gandy would, of course, look good in a paper bag, but thankfully his taste in clothes skews less Derelicte, more two-pieces with the odd waistcoat mixed in. It’s also remarkably democratic: you’re as likely to see him look good in Marks & Spencer as you are Thom Sweeney.

But that’s not all – as a London Collections: Men ambassador, he has a front row seat at the fashion industry’s ritziest events. Ergo, so do you. (Gandy’s ‘image consultant’, stylist @joeottawaystyle, frequently pictured next to him, is worth a follow too.)

Yes, you will have to put up with the odd topless shot of Gandy in his M&S undies or swimwear, but just consider it bonus #fitspiration – especially now that his range includes hoodies and joggers. Even the best tailoring can only do so much.


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