In the pantheon of stuff we like, but stand next to no chance of actually getting hold of, Stone Island’s annual collabs with Supreme lurk alongside a pair of OVO Jordans and a Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby painter’s coat. But since our patience for overnight queues isn’t what it once was, lusting over these shots of the pair’s new collection will have to suffice.

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As is now tradition, the Italian brand has proffered up the pick of its materials lab, with this season’s hook-up featuring a fabric that changes colour as it heats up. Thing of it as the bank balance-emptying equivalent of those spoons you used to get free with your cereal.

There’s also a less nifty but probably more wearable array of sweats and crew necks, all featuring that all important co-branding. Because copping gold means nothing if no one knows, right? Right?

The Stone Island x Supreme collection hits stores on 17 March.