The Good

Kings Of Leon

With over 16 years in the game, three Grammys and a back catalogue to rival Argos, it’d be easy for Kings of Leon to call it quits. Except they just keep getting better. Like a fine wine. Or a Reiss lookbook.

Douwe Bob

Relaxing a suit can often come off scruffy. Dutch songwriter Douwe Bob, however, makes it legit. The two-piece keeps a glove-fit front and centre, but still boasts rougher edges with an unbuttoned shirt and a peek of a neck tattoo. More Rat Pack, less red-eyed city worker.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith’s style may be a little, erm, inconsistent. But his EMAs entry popped without resorting to novelty. The high-neck tee nails the 1990s sportswear trend, while the jacket and black jeans anchor the look. Not sure about that lanyard, though.

Mario Goetze

With a look as strong as his left foot, the Borussia Dortmund wunderkind proves the merits of monochrome. The all-black outfit is easy-to-wear and flattering, while an off-shade blazer adds definition. Back of the net.

The Bad


G-Eazy has always bordered on the clownish (questionable rap voice, lyrics and general persona), but this Suicide Squad nod should hang from the rafters. Pond green hair is no joke.

Mr Probz

Dutch singer Mr Probz lives up to the name in a part-bag lady, part-Inspector Gadget get-up. And just in case we weren’t confused enough, he really runs the look into the ground with a bizarre Ugg boot-high-top hybrid. Stick to the day job, Probz (which is apparently rummaging through bins).

Green Day

There’s dressing for your age, and then there’s Green Day. The oh-so-achingly-punk band (that’s actually signed to a major record label – hmmm) outgrew the Kerrang! look with their last memorable hit. Which was in 2004.


Cole Whittle

Not a crazed superfan who’s stormed the red carpet, but DNCE’s Cole Whittle in a Ziggy Stardust-Mad Max-Scary Spice mash-up. No wonder his band bailed on the photo op.