We’ve already witnessed the Lazarus-like resurrection of the SodaStream, the Teasmade and the record player, now it’s the turn of the calculator watch! Sorry, we mean the Polaroid.

Ever since the iconic camera name shuttered production in 2008, Berlin-based startup The Impossible Project has been on a mission to ensure the survival of the instant film format. Fast forward almost a decade and through efforts to restore the 200 million Polaroid cameras it salvaged, The Impossible Project is ready to launch its first all-new model.

The I-1 instant camera recreates the iconic silhouette and functions of the original Polaroid in an ultra modern matte black finish. Despite the recognisable shape, the millennial model does come with a few upgrades such as a one-of-a-kind ring flash, film count and magnetic, detachable viewfinder.

While you can’t slap a filter on these pictures, a Bluetooth connection and smartphone app does allow for manual controls of elements such as exposure and a remote shutter feature. There’s also the option to scan printed photos using the app to enable digital sharing.

Our favourite feature? Handing someone the photo and taking it back after 10 seconds. If they look confused, tell them it’s Snapchat circa 1994.

The I-1 instant camera is available now from Paul Smith stores and Selfridges as well as on impossible-project.com, priced at £229.