What else would you expect from a country that has an annual event known as the ‘Festival of the Steel Phallus’ (Kanamara Matsuri) other than trainers that are a bit nuts (pardon the pun.)

Japanese streetwear boutique Atmos has teamed up with Reebok to produce whacky new versions of the retro sportswear brand’s Instapump Fury and Phase 1 Pro models.

Inspired by the famous Akihabara Electric Town, a district of Tokyo known for selling video games, the two classic shapes have been given a new statement multicoloured pixel upper and matching insole. The Instapump Fury also features black and red paneling, while the Phase 1 Pro has gained premium suede accents in red, yellow and blue.

Ladies and gentlemen, from the people that brought you the wasabi Kit-Kat…

The Reebok x Atmos Neon Digi Camo Pack is available at Atmos, priced from around £110.