You probably wouldn’t want to buy Jordan Belfort’s Lamborghini Countach. Since, as Leonardo DiCaprio demonstrated so memorably in Martin Scorsese’s film of his life, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Belfort’s efforts to steer it home high on quaaludes resulted in a couple of minor dings.

But that Countach wasn’t the only supercar in Belfort’s garage. Although fortunately this white Ferrari Testarossa was rather better looked after. Even without Belfort’s signature in the owner’s book, it’s a car that would set you back over £100,000. But this particular package is sweetened by being in surprisingly good nick, with only 8,300 miles on the clock.

That said, it was apparently “involved in a ‘Wolf’ moment, as early as the original test drive”. Although the dealer’s remaining tight-lipped about exactly what that was. Unless you fancy stumping up the six figures to find out.

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