Fiat 500 Riva Edition

Yachts may be reserved for the world’s most moneyed individuals (aka smug bastards), but a new collaboration between Fiat and luxury boat-maker Riva might just level the playing field. Kind of.

The two Italian icons have produced what is being dubbed “smallest yacht in the world”. Working together on a special edition of the Fiat city-slick 500 supermini, the car features a unique Sera Blue paint job – the most popular colour for the £500k Aquariva Super boat – and a lavish hand-painted mahogany dashboard.

Don’t think about taking it on the water, though.

Available at Fiat this summer, priced TBC.

LJ Lamps Concrete Table Lamp

A switched on man knows the right lighting can transform the mood of any room. If you’re after a glowing recommendation from anyone that visits, it’s crucial to pick pieces that complement your existing space and add a bit of character.

Built with the man cave in mind, young Berlin-based design studio LJ Lamps has created this concrete table lamp. The stylish Edison bulb sits in a hefty whack of cubed cement and the urban loft-look is finished off with a textile cable in a range of colours.

Available at A Splash of Colour, priced £90.

Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Spa

Men from the Mediterranean coastline are recognised as some of the most well-dressed on the planet – so much so that there’s even a term to describe the look: sprezzatura. However, the Italian art of dishevelment is more often than not flanked by a solid approach in front of the bathroom cabinet.

Century-old Italian grooming brand Acqua Di Parma knows this all to well, so has just opened its third Blu Mediterraneo Spa in the Villa Feltrinelli hotel overlooking Lake Garda.

Despite looking like a getaway for the stars and the mega-rich, treatments for hands and feet start from just £59 (yacht docking – or fiat parking – not included).

Discover more at Acqua Di Parma.

Berluti Beach Essentials

We like to think that even when Andy Murray is meant to be enjoying a break from tennis he still finds time to indulge his racquet skills. In case you’re reading, Andy (and we know you do), let us suggest the most luxe bat ‘n’ ball set ever made.

Famed Parisian shoemaker Berluti has taken the humble beach game and upgraded it with Venezia leather and handcrafted okoumé wood. The high-end beach equipment, developed in partnership with French company Beach Access, will make setting new records on the sand all the more stylish.

Available at Berluti, priced £350.

Herschel Supply x Coca-Cola Backpack

Despite almost always coming with the warning, “It’ll rot your teeth!” There’s no denying the lure of an ice cold Coca-Cola in summer. Just in time for balmy days spent in the park or on the beach, the drinks icon has partnered with accessories brand Herschel Supply.

The result is a line-up of bags and accessories made from recycled Coke bottles. But the real hook is the lightly insulated liner, which means items like the Settlement Backpack doubles up as a cool bag to keep your Coke cold.

Then again, we’re sure both brands would understand if you used it to carry beers instead – in the name of health.

Available at Herschel and in Selfridges, priced £75.

Tefal Cuisine Companion

From shampoos that clean and condition, to watches that tell time and give directions, to trimmers that take care of necklines and knackers – these days, we want everything we buy to be a multi-use tool.

It makes sense then that Tefal has come up with an ingenious new device that is designed to replace up to 10 traditional kitchen appliances. The aptly named Cuisine Companion can chop, whip, crush, melt, beat, knead, mix, steam, emulsify, slow cook and prove. Cluttered kitchens beware.

Available at John Lewis, priced £699.95.