Mr Porter Apple TV App

Ever wanted to order Sandro from your sofa, Cucinelli from your couch or Acne from your armchair (you get the idea)? Now, dangerously, you can.

The menswear gods at Mr Porter have launched a new shoppable app, exclusively on Apple TV. Forget series binges, spend your weekend browsing more than 180 of the world’s best brands on the big screen.

The Mr Porter app is available to download on Apple TV

Hartmann Limited Edition 7r Master Ducord Case

The golden age of air travel may have been grounded some years ago, but there’s still room in the hold for luggage that’s truly first class.

The well-seasoned jetsetter would be wise to check out (and in) Hartmann. The suitcase of choice for Don Draper, James Bond and a president or two, the 139-year-old brand has just launched a limited edition version of its 7R Master case, made from rigid aluminum and featuring its signature Ducord stripes.

Available at Hartmann, priced £650.

Amazon Echo

Yelling at your music speaker to order you pizza used to be called weird, now it’s called Alexa. The voice controlled virtual assistant housed inside Amazon’s Echo device has finally made her way to the UK.

As well as fetching takeaway, the sleek cylindrical robot’s bag of tricks also means it can stream music from Spotify, dim the lights, read an audio book and order a cab (you know, for if you ever leave the sofa.)

Available at Amazon, priced £149.99.

WeWood X2 Smart Shelf

Indecision isn’t sexy, or acceptable, but it is at least manageable thanks to Portuguese joinery firm WeWood’s transformer-style furniture.

For men who run hot and cold about how they want to display their gear, there’s the customisable Smart Shelf. The practical design is built from 48 interlocked oak slats in two blocks, which allows it take on just about any shape at the turn of an Allen key.

Available at WeWood, priced £2,316.

Avio Sofa System

Second only to your bed, you spend more time sprawled out on the sofa than anywhere else, so it’s only economical to dedicate some serious time (and money) to the cause.

Make lazy Sundays stylish with the modular Avio Sofa System from New York design studio Knoll. The unique load-bearing structure supports an endless amount of seats, backs and tables so you can customise it to your space.

Available at Knoll, priced from £5,742 for a 3 seater sofa.

The O

Stop being such a loser. For times when the the triple tap – phone, check; keys, check; wallet, check – doesn’t cut the mustard, there’s a bevy of gadgets to help you keep tabs of your belongings.

The O is a small Bluetooth gadget that acts like a GPS-like tracker. The fob sticks or clips to anything from keys to umbrellas and an app alerts you on your phone or smartwatch when you’ve wandered away without it. And no, we don’t recommend slipping one in your partner’s pocket.

Available at The O, priced £60 for a pack of four.

Nissan Autonomous Chair

There’s a fine line between the brilliant and the crazy when it comes to inventions thrust upon us from the mad land of Japan. Instant ramen: brilliant, electric spinning fork: crazy.

The jury is still out on which camp this falls into. Car manufacturer Nissan has created a self-driving chair to solve the pain of having to queue. Sure, it goes against everything British people stand for (literally), but it should make those Supreme launches all the more bearable.