The Mankind Christmas Collection

‘Tis the season to be selfish. Granted, swapping presents with loved ones warms the cockles, but isn’t a box containing more than £300 of grooming essentials much better? The Mankind Christmas Collection pulls together some of our bathroom cabinet favourites from the likes of Baxter of California, Anthony and Men-U into one handsome kit.

Available at Mankind, priced £100.

Lamborghini Ixoost Esavox Sound System

Crafted from an original Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system, the monster Ixoost Esavox setup spreads 600 watts of head-rattling sound across an innumerable amount of woofers, tweeters and subs. The speaker might be three times the price of a Renault Twizy, but on the plus side, it’s still about £240,000 cheaper than an actual Aventador.

Available at ixoost, priced £16,700.

Fujifilm X-A10

Like them or not selfies are here to stay, so you may as well be good at taking them. Having the right kit can help snap a proper FOMO-inducing picture, so enter Fujifilm’s X-A10 model. The compact selfie shooter is equipped with a flip-over rear screen so you can check you’re pulling your best blue steel.

Available at Jessops, priced £499.

Public School For Fitbit Paracord Bracelet

One of New York’s hottest young designer brands Public School has collaborated with Fitbit to amp-up the firm’s fitness tracker. Channel marine-level motivation with the braided parachute cord.

Available at Fitbit, priced £149.95.

Bolin Webb R1 Gold Razor

There are two questions by which to judge a razor: Does it obliterate every hair in its path, and does it look good sat on the bathroom shelf? With Bolin Webb’s exclusive 24 carat gold-plated version of its sharper than sharp R1 model, the answer is a resounding yes to both.

Available at Bolin Webb, priced £160.

Beoplay H9 Headphones

Leaky headphones are annoying for everyone around you, but even worse is having to hear your colleagues’ claptrap over your tunes. Luckily, the new Beoplay H9 wireless headphones uses microphones to produce reverse signals that cancel out surrounding noise. A dead ringer for the audio firm’s H7 model, the H9 is made from the same premium mix of lambskin, cowhide leather and polished aluminium, but with a snug over-ear fit.

Available at Beoplay, priced £449.

Tanqueray No. Ten Caged Bottle

Ah, the holidays. A time to spend getting drunk, attempting to snog co-workers, and knocking down the Christmas tree. If you plan on doing any (or all) of the above, at least maintain some dignity by investing in good quality booze. Gin-thusiasts can channel the roaring twenties with Tanqueray No. Ten’s Art Deco-inspired caged bottle.

Available at The Whisky Exchange, priced £39.95.

Audi Lunar Quattro

Despite looking like Wall-E got it on with a coffee table, this little machine could bag Audi £23m if it makes it into space. The German manufacturer’s first moon car, which can hit a top speed of 2.2mph, is part of Google’s Lunar X prize, which rewards any engineering team that successfully places a lander on the moon.