Google Pixel Smartphone

Bored of buying the same old smartphone with a different version number? Start from scratch with Google’s new Pixel handset. The model is the first designed and built entirely by the search giant and it’s going for the iPhone’s jugular.

The sleek, aluminium unibody is available in two sizes, standard and the larger XL. Both pack an impressive 1080p AMOLED display, the highest rated smartphone camera, unlimited storage for photos and videos (take that Apple), plus Google’s AI-powered assistant. What more could you want? A 3.5mm headphone jack? Done.

Available to pre-order at Google, priced £599.

Richard Clarkson x Crealev Floating Cloud Speaker

You’d think with all the sinister looking clouds floating around outside we wouldn’t want another. Silver lining to this one, however – it’s also a Bluetooth speaker.

Created by designer Richard Clarkson and Dutch levitation experts Crealev, ‘Making Weather’ bobs over a mirrored base and uses sound-reactive LED lights to recreate thunderstorms while playing tunes.

Sadly, the product is currently only a prototype. So you can either spend time sticking cotton wool to your Sonos or check out studio’s existing range.

Available at Richard Clarkson, priced £2,700.

Caran d’Ache x Paul Smith Pen Set

The art of writing may be losing ground to emojis, but it still pays to have good stationery to hand. Founded in Geneva in 1915, Caran d’Ache is renowned for its handsome pens. Sorry, writing instruments.

The Swiss manufacturer has partnered with Sir Paul Smith on a series of eight ballpoints in a range of colours that echo the British designer’s recent collections.

Based on d’Ache’s hexagonal-barreled 849 model, the end product is one you just might be able to resist chewing the end of.

Available at Caran d’Ache, priced £35 per pen.

Canali Pryma Headphones

Fabled Italian powerhouse Canali never misses a beat when it comes to tailoring, but now the Milan-based label has turned its hand (and head) to high-end headphones.

The ludicrously extravagant cans have been made alongside renowned audio brand Sonus Faber, itself responsible for some of the most stunning speakers the tech world has ever seen.

The Pryma headphones are hand crafted from lightweight aluminium, premium leather and finished with copper and stainless steel hardware for a slick, luxurious look.

Available from 12 October at Canali, priced £550.

Abbott And Mosley Watches

One-of-a-kind watches are usually owned by the world’s most moneyed. However, by seeking out subtle design touches, there is a way to find a unique timepiece at the affordable end of the market.

Take Swedish watchmaker Abbott And Mosley, for example. The brand uses genuine Italian marble for its dials, giving each face its own natural pattern. The simple and clean design is flanked by soft calf leather in a range of colours and metals.

Available at Abbott And Mosley, priced from around £160.

Northskull Gold Twin Skull Bracelet

With arms covered by chunky knits and oversized overcoats for the next six months, wristwear is going to have to work even harder to stand out. Luckily, London-based jewellery and accessories brand Northskull is ready to roll its up its sleeves.

The brand’s trademark skulls aren’t just in time for Halloween, they also work all season long to make an impact, particularly when paired with super-smooth nappa leather in on-trend army green.

Available at Northskull, priced £155.

Renault Trezor Electric Coupé Concept

Concept cars are the equivalent of a strip tease in the automobile world, given that few go the whole way and make it to the dealer’s lot (sometimes for good reason). One we’re praying will get the green light is the Renault Trezor.

A fully autonomous hunk of car eye candy, the electric coupé ditches doors in favour of a one-piece clamshell roof that lifts to reveal an entirely red two-seater cockpit. Under the hood is a flawlessly engineered carbon fibre chassis stuffed with an engine that will rocket to 62mph in less than four seconds.