Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

It seems like wherever you look someone is taking a selfie these days – even your fridge is at it! Samsung’s latest model does more than just keep food cool. On the front lives a 21.5-inch HD “digital command centre”, which can be used to manage your calendar and play music.

Meanwhile inside, three high-quality cameras capture an image every time you close the door so you can check via the companion app to see what’s inside your fridge.

Available at Samsung, priced £4,500.


There’s an old saying: ‘Invest in your shoes and your sheets because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other.’ But what about your desk? Chances are you spend a fair amount of time at that, too.

Aerodesk, designed by the man behind Heathrow’s First Class lounge, revolutionises the 9-5. Hydraulic legs convert seamlessly from sitting to standing, while the unique LightBar emits colours to boost mood and energy levels throughout the day.

Available at Aerodesk, priced £1,500.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Smartphone

If you want to know what the future holds, just look to China. First there was the bus that can drive over cars, then came pizza scissors and now the world’s first smartphone to sport an edgeless display.

Made by Xiaomi, often referred to as ‘the Apple of China’, the Mi MIX is made out of ceramics and features a 16-megapixel camera as well as a removable battery that juices up in under an hour.

Gallery All The Wardrobe

For the busy man on the go with a need for at least four outfits changes a day, why not invest in a stylish wardrobe on wheels?

Okay, we don’t actually recommend rolling this up and down the street. But still, the stainless steel shipping container, which opens to reveal a fully-functional wardrobe crafted from solid black walnut, is the perfect space-saving option.

Available at Gallery All, priced £15,000.

Instrmnt 02 Watch

The IKEA of the watch world, aka Instrmnt, is back with a followup to its debut flat-pack collection. Designed in Glasgow and crafted in Bavaria, the slimmed-down 02 model features a newly engineered Swiss Ronda movement housed inside a 35-millimetre sandblasted case and comes in the brand’s four signature colour combinations.

Available at Instrmnt, priced £180.

Kia Sorento Concept

‘Kia’ and ‘badass’ aren’t two words you often hear in the same sentence. But the Korean automaker’s latest fleet of self-driving concept cars is about to change that.

The beefed-up Sorento model comes packing tank-style tracks that allow it to operate as a ski lift, tackling snow and ice to ferry skiers and snowboarders to the top of the mountain.

Odin2 Smart Projector

When it comes to the new era of ‘Netflix and chill’, we’re sorry to say that size matters. At least when it comes to your home cinema setup.

Supersize your chances with the new Android-powered Odin2 from New York-based tech company Dos Owls. The hand-sized projector comes with a built-in battery, colour touchscreen, plus a camera and microphone for video and voice calls.

Available at Kickstarter, priced £420.

Minipresso NS Portable Espresso Machine

For those who need a kick between leaving home and making it to work in the morning (or just can’t be bothered to get off the sofa) there’s now an on-the-go espresso machine.

Minipresso doesn’t need electricity or batteries: the hand-held pump uses pressure to turn a Nespresso capsule into a cup of caffeinated goodness in minutes. 

Available at Bear And Bear, priced £48.