Sperry Gold Cup Boat Shoes

There are many signs that signal winter’s dead, but perhaps the best is the day it’s finally warm enough to break out your boat shoes. Especially if they’re crafted from soft lambskin leather, with a memory foam footbed that means you’ll want to wear them all summer.

The only way to wear shoes this soft is without socks.

Available at Sperry, priced £155.

Derek Rose Cotton-Terry Bathrobe

If you own a dressing gown, it was probably ‘liberated’ from a hotel room. But this cotton terry take, from loungewear specialist Derek Rose, is softer than anything that’s been through a thousand hot washes, and super absorbent, so you can wear it straight out of the shower.

The ideal way to add a touch of luxury to your morning routine.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £100.

Tentsile Ltd Stingray Tree Tent

Festival season is looming. Which poses a quandary: do you slum it in the campsite and risk having your tent stomped on by drunk kids; or fork out for a yurt and have to listen to horsey sorts braying at their kids all weekend?

The right answer is neither. Instead, sling up Tentsile’s portable treehouse. You can even turn it into a duplex by adding hammocks, for a luxury stay that’s literally above it all.

Available at Tentsile, priced £458.05.

Richard James Olive Summer Jungle Pocket Square

Who says you can’t go formal in the heat? Dress up any suit with this jungle print pocket square, cut from Italian-made silk.

The Gauguin-inspired square is a great way to bring a pop of colour to a dark suit, or you can slot it into your white linen two-piece’s top pocket if you’re actually heading somewhere tropical. The man from Savile Row, he say yes.

Available at Liberty London, priced £50.

Topman Black Wool Blend Biker Jacket

Pea coat meets biker with this thick wool piece that’ll have you wishing away the warm weather.

With an on-trend longline cut, but a classic fit across the torso, it works for your commute and wherever you’re heading once you clock off. Just don’t try it with biker boots unless you’re actually on the back of something with an engine.

Available at Topman, priced £95.

Zeller Magic 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Made from bamboo wood, this Japanese-inspired rack features a minimalist, elegant design and, most importantly, will fit 12 wine bottles of any type.

So you can invest in your cellar and stop drinking cheap plonk from the corner shop.

Available at Wayfair, priced £39.99.

Haspel Rampart Bikini Girl Shirt

Short-sleeved shirts get a bad rap. And rightly so, if they’re straining over pneumatic biceps and unbuttoned to the navel.

But with something tailored, you can afford to size up (slightly). Especially if it features a subtle bikini girl print, like this Haspel take, which is just eye-catching enough in itself. Ooze cabana vibes, even when you’re still chained to your desk.

Available at Haspel, priced approximately £137.50 ($195).