Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf

Golf is a stylish sport, granted. But the carts, well, they tend to look like oversized children’s toys. At least they did until Mercedes-Benz got its hands on one.

Designed in partnership up with Scandinavian golf cart specialist Garia, Benz’s take on its first true ‘sports car’ features everything a Pringle-decked golfer could want including a touchscreen infotainment system, built-in refrigerator and five-spoke alloy wheels.

Mercedes said it will put the cart into production if it gets enough interest, but no doubt it won’t be cheap. Millionaires of the world, step up and take a swing.

MegaMaster Freestanding Braai

When your neighbour gets a barbeque, it’s only natural to want a bigger one. The gargantuan South African-style Braai MegaMaster takes open-flame cooking to the next level.

Kitted out with expansive worktop space, log storage and a large chimney, it’s the ultimate outdoor kitchen and guarantees ‘king of the grill’ status.

Available at Outdoor Gourmet, priced from £996.

Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition

Bronze is having a moment in the watch world. The material, once used exclusively by naval brands, is now being celebrated for its ability to develop a unique patina over time.

Independent watch manufacture Oris has produced its first Bronze model in its 110-year history to honour legendary African-American Navy diver Carl Brashear.

The limited edition model, of which only 2,000 have been made, is based on the brand’s 2015 Divers Sixty-Five and is inspired by deep sea diving helmets of the 1950s.

Available at Goldsmiths, priced £1,900.

Canyon Roadlite Bicycle

Looking good in the saddle isn’t easy. First off there’s all that lycra to pour yourself into, and then any performance bike worth its rock salt is usually brightly coloured and plastered in nonsense words.

Canyon’s revamped Roadlite range mixes the technical delivery of a road bike with the stripped-back styling of a flat bar fitness bike. The result is a low-weight, responsive all-rounder that looks as good as it rides.

Available at Canyon, priced £719.

Allison Bryan Paper Cuff In Silver

With wrists unencumbered by long sleeves until winter, it’s time to show them some love. Sadly, men have a historical record of making awful choices in this arena (pukka shells anyone?).

British jewellery designer Allison Bryan creates pieces that are minimal, lightweight, and act as an extension of an outfit rather than upstaging it. Take her Paper Cuff, for example – each piece is individually crafted in paper then casted directly into precious metal giving each one its own one-of-a-kind texture.

Available at Allison Bryan, priced £225.

The Palace Book

The rise of London streetwear brand Palace is nothing short of cultural phenomenon. In just seven years it went from unknown skate crew (then known as the Palace Wayward Boys Choir) to infiltrating menswear circles through sell-out collaborations with the likes of Adidas.

Now a new book aims to document the story with more than 120 photographs by Alasdair McLellan, many taken long before every kid in central London was standing in line at the brand’s Soho store. It also contains contributions from Dazed & Confused’s books editor Stuart Hammond and an iron-on T-shirt transfer (which, judging by track record, is going to be the next must-have piece).

Available from midnight on July 20 at Dover Street Market, priced £45.

Hendrick’s Gin Bus

We don’t endorse drink-driving, unless we’re drinking and someone else is driving – in which case we’re all for it. For one week only, gin brand Hendrick’s has turned a double decker bus into a giant bar on wheels disguised as a cucumber. Yes, you read that right.

Officially named Hendrick’s Extraordinary Roving Bus for Exceptionally Refined Travel (H.E.R.B.E.R.T.), the bus will be offering rides around London for just £2.50 and that includes a gin cocktail, a gin and tonic, and some cucumber macarons.

When you consider there are some public toilets in the capital that cost more than that, it’s a stiff offer to turn down.

Information and tickets available at Show Film First, priced £2.50.