Aston Martin DB11

It’s fair to say almost any car turned out by 007’s manufacturer of choice is guaranteed to make our list of the most stylish stuff. However, Aston Martin received more than just Bond’s backing last week, taking home the prestigious Car Design Award in Italy for its new DB11.

Unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show, the DB11 is set to replace the ageing DB9 when it launches later this year. The car not only features major design changes – signalling a new era for the motoring giant – but it’s also being touted as one of the most customisable Aston Martins to date. We’ll take two.

Available at Aston Martin, priced from £155,000.

Sunspel Archive T-Shirt

British clothing company Sunspel has been a master of throw-on-and-go style since 1860. While many recognise the brand for its simple yet stylish staples, few know it began life as ‘sunny spell’, referring to the climate in the West Indies needed to grow the Sea Island cotton it uses.

In celebration of its heritage, Sunspel has brought back an archived logo from the 1950s. The once widely used sun and cloud motif has been screen printed onto the brand’s superfine cotton T-shirts in four colourways.

As far as history lessons go, it’s one we’re happy to get on board with.

Available at Sunspel, priced £65.

Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

Billed as your culinary Obi Wan, Pantelligent is a heat-sensitive smart frying pan that uses built-in sensors to help you cook things like steak, salmon and chicken perfectly, without burning or undershooting.

The pan is fitted with an internal temperature gauge that syncs to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Tell Pantelligent what you’re cooking, plus details such as thickness, and it will let you know when the pan is hot enough, if it becomes too hot, and even when to flip.

In its own words, Pantelligent will take your skills from wok bottom to high fryer.

Available at Fowndry, priced £169.99.

Givenchy Monkey Cardholder

Riccardo Tisci has achieved in transforming Givenchy from classic couture house to cult fashion favourite. In recent seasons its been more about animal graphics that smack of high-end streetwear than impeccably-cut suits (though the latter still remains), gaining the label many notable new wearers.

Continuing its way through the animal kingdom, this season’s pieces have been stamped with a screaming monkeys motif. Taking over from the famous rottweiler and shark prints, the two hairy troublemakers make an appearance on both clothing and accessories, like as this faux leather cardholder.

Available at FarFetch, priced £131.

Layne Hall Stand

Anyone residing in a big city where pokey living conditions are the norm knows the importance of making the most of space. The fellas over at are wise to this too, so have come up with a line of hallway storage solutions.

We can’t help but notice the Layne Hall Stand has a distinct locker-room feel to it, so you can feel like you’re lacing up for England every morning (while also being an adult and stopping guests having to clamber over a pile of shoes).

Available at, priced £299.

Phaidon North American City Guides

Alternatively, if the eye-watering experience of paying £1,000 per month for a shoe box-sized apartment has finally caused you to snap, there’s always the option of jacking it all in to burn some rubber stateside.

If you take this choice, may we suggest arming yourself with a selection of city guides focusing on North America, like these curated by Wallpaper* exclusively for Mr Porter, and doing the driving in one of these fine four-wheeled machines.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £85.

English Pewter Poison Tumbler

Fancy putting a little gallows humour into your glassware? Buy this tumbler featuring a solid pewter skull and crossbones and enjoy asking everyone “what’s your poison?”

The glass is the work of the English Pewter Company. Handmade in Sheffield, it features pewter band at the base for added weight. The design also comes in shot glass size, for those who can really hold their arsenic.

Available at English Pewter Company, priced £26.